Orrin Hatch just made a stunning reversal on allegations that his former chief of staff abused his ex-wives

Associated Press/Manuel Balce Ceneta Orrin Hatch, a Utah Republican, issued two dramatically different statements regarding allegations that his former chief of staff abused both of his ex-wives. The women publicly accused Rob Porter of engaging in a pattern of violence over a period of years. Hatch first called the allegations “politically motivated,” but then said […]

‘We could lose the historic victory’: Farage fears Brexit reversal

Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage says he is growing increasingly concerned that the UK’s historic vote to leave the European Union could be overturned after all. The former UKIP leader claims the ‘Leave’ camp has lost steam in negotiations, giving the ‘Remainers’ more leverage in controlling the debate and influencing both parliament and the public on […]

Twitter and others warn FCC of ‘disastrous’ net neutrality reversal

Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit and Airbnb were among 200 firms that signed a letter warning FCC Chairman Ajit Pai not to roll back net neutrality, according to Broadcasting & Cable. Dated on Cyber Monday (November 27th), the letter notes that record Black Friday sales are “a testament to the power of the free and open internet […]

Trump’s lack of progress has caused a major dollar reversal

Business Insider Several months after the election, President Donald Trump said that the US dollar was “getting too strong,” and attributed the strength to investor confidence in him. The dollar has since slipped considerably, recently hitting its lowest level since January 2015. Business Insider CEO Henry Blodget discusses how a weak currency can actually help […]

Trump’s reversal of Wall Street regulations risks another Lehman Brothers but ‘on a larger scale’

Oli Scarff/Getty Images They say human beings have short memories, but this is outright amnesia. Donald Trump and the Republican Party’s efforts to dissolve many of the new regulations imposed on major Wall Street banks in the wake of the worst financial crisis are most stunning because they ignore such glaring and recent lessons. These […]

Vasectomy reversal – does it REALLY work? Truth behind increasingly popular op revealed

A vasectomy is otherwise known as “male sterilisation”, and works by preventing sperm from the testes reaching the semen that is ejaculated during orgasm. This is done by cutting or blocking the tubes that carry sperm from the testes to the penis. A vasectomy is considered a permanent form of contraception, and it is not […]

Seth Meyers Tears Into President Trump for Transgender Rights Reversal

Seth Meyers, refusing to sit idly by while President Donald Trump revoked basic civil rights, channeled his outrage on Thursday into an impassioned edition of the popular segment “Hey!” VIDEOSSeth Meyers Shreds Late Night Script in Wake of Trump’s ‘Bats—t’ Presser In a biting piece of commentary, the Late Night host addressed POTUS’ controversial decision to reverse President […]