PS Plus September 2018: When is PS4 free games reveal? Next games for PlayStation Plus?

PS Plus September 2018 line-up is going to get announced by Sony this month with a new selection of free PS4 games coming to PlayStation Plus. The current PS Plus line-up is headlined by two showstoppers – Mafia 3 and Dead by Daylight. It arguably marks one of the best PlayStation Plus line-ups for 2018 […]

Iran, Venezuela & Turkey reveal gold’s true value when paper money becomes worthless – analyst to RT

The world will inevitably dip into crisis, with gold and silver again emerging as real money, Claudio Grass, an independent precious metals adviser and Mises ambassador told RT. “People today, especially in the West, have forgotten that paper money used to be a mere property title for a certain amount of gold or silver. Today, […]

Photos reveal Ivanka Trump’s sexy former modelling career – including lad's mag cover

Ivanka Trump, 36, is the daughter of US president Donald Trump, now having a full-time role in his administration. The unofficial first daughter announced last month that she had decided to focus her future and entire career on politics, closing down her eponymous fashion brand, Ivanka Trump. In a statement issued late last month, Ivanka […]

Pokemon Go Community Day September news following Shiny Eevee evolutions reveal

The latest Pokemon Go Community Day is now wrapping up, with fans expecting event news to arrive later this week. Having enjoyed all the bonuses and caught a bunch of Shiny Eevees, fans are now looking to the future. Every month in 2018 will feature a Community Day, including its own rewards focused around one […]

Fallout 76 update: Beta release news following big Bethesda Quakecon reveal

Bethesda is working hard to get their next crop of titles ready for the big 2018/19 game seasons. The next major release from the publisher will be Fallout 76, an online-only take on the popular post-apocalyptic adventure series. Differing from both Fallout 3 and Fallout 4, Fallout 76multiplayermulitplayer series that focuses on PvP and PvE […]

TPG Readers Reveal What Changed Their Minds About Using Credit Cards

TPG Readers Reveal What Changed Their Minds About Credit Cards Advertiser Disclosure The credit card offers that appear on the website are from credit card companies from which receives compensation. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). This site does […]

Melania Trump with Donald Trump – intimate photos reveal their passionate relationship

Melania Trump, 48, was born Melanija Knavs on 26th April 1970 in Novo Mesto, Slovenia (then part of Yugoslavia). A small town girl with big dreams, she began modelling career at a young age, completing jobs in Paris and Milan. In 1996 Melania packed up and left Slovenia, moving to Manhattan to continue her budding career. […]

Avengers Infinity War Spider-Man DEATH: Filmmakers reveal painful TRUTH before Avengers 4

It was bad enough the first time around. Tom Holland’s heartbreaking performance made the death of Spidey one of the most powerful scenes in Marvel Cinematic history. Or any film history, for that matter. And that was before we knew the gut-wrenching truth behind what was going on. Infinity War directors Joe and Anthony Russo […]

Fear TWD Season 4B Premiere Photos Reveal Strand's Lush New Life, Hint at an Unlikely Alliance and Justice for Nick

There is life after Madison. In the more than a dozen images released by AMC ahead of the Season 4B premiere of Fear the Walking Dead, we get a closer look at how the felled heroine’s friends and family — well, Alicia, since she’s all that’s left! — are faring since her demise. Strand, as […]

Square Enix NEWS: Final Fantasy 7 update, Kingdom Hearts reveal, Just Cause 4 multiplayer

Kingdom Hearts 3 developer Square Enix has revealed more about the game’s run time. A new report on suggests that the upcoming Disney and Square adventure will be the biggest in the series yet. The initial report claimed that Kingdom Hearts 3 would take players between 40-50 hours to complete. Venturing off the beaten […]