9-1-1 Review: An All-Star Cast Can't Resuscitate Fox's Stale Procedural

Ryan Murphy’s TV shows always attract top-notch talent, and his new Fox drama 9-1-1 (debuting Wednesday at 9/8c) is no exception, with Connie Britton, Peter Krause and Angela Bassett all signing on to star. But maybe they should’ve taken a closer look at the script first: 9-1-1 is an uninspiring jumble of recycled TV-procedural clichés, […]

Real wish or drunken regret? A “Do Not Resuscitate” tattoo throws doctors

It’s well known that patients struggle to clearly communicate their end-of-life wishes to those calling the shots at critical moments—generally doctors and family members. But, in case anyone was wondering, tattooing your wishes onto your body does not clear things up. Emergency medicine doctors in Florida struggled to figure out how to respectfully care for […]