Young and the Restless Reveals New Details of Kristoff St. John Farewell Arc

The Young and the Restless has announced new details regarding its sendoff to late cast member Kristoff St. John. The farewell arc will air Tuesday, April 23 through Friday, April 26, with a storyline in which his character Neil Winters “passes away unexpectedly,” per the network. RELATED STORIES A tribute episode follows on Monday, April 29, with current […]

Young and the Restless Switcheroo: Stafford Returns, Tognoni Out!

In a rare instance of recast uncasting, The Young and the Restless is welcoming back Michelle Stafford to the role of Phyllis, as soap vet Gina Tognoni parts ways with the CBS serial. RELATED STORIES Daytime Confidential first reported on the reversal, citing multiple sources. Reps for both Y&R and ABC’s General Hospital (where Stafford […]

OPUS: Rocket Of Whispers Wants You To Find A New Home For Restless Spirits

Sigono’s OPUS: Rocket Of Whispers has you exploring a literal ghost town. After an apocalyptic plague that killed most of Earth’s population, a rocket engineer and a witch try to send the spirits to their final resting place – to space. Much like The Day We Found Earth, Sigono’s previous game, Rocket of Whispers has […]

The Young and the Restless Actress Melissa Claire Egan to Exit CBS Soap

Melissa Claire Egan is putting Genoa City in her rearview mirror. The actress is leaving CBS’ The Young and the Restless after six years on the soap opera, she announced Wednesday. “I love the show (and this genre) so very much, and am so grateful to this amazing crew and cast, especially my beyond wonderful [co-star] […]

Parkinson’s disease symptoms: Why a restless night's sleep could be an EARLY sign

Parkinson’s disease is where parts of the brain become progressively damaged over a number of years. It affects 127,000 people in the UK, and rates of the condition are predicted to rise faster than in Alzheimer’s disease, according to research published last month. Common symptoms include involuntary shaking, slow movement, and stiff and inflexible muscles. […]

What is restless legs syndrome? Symptoms and treatments for tingling toes condition

Patients of restless legs syndrome – or Willis-Ekbom disease, as it’s sometimes known – can experience a creeping sensation in their legs, all the way up from their feet to their thighs. The feeling makes the patient twitch their legs, and it can be worse in the evenings. It’s a condition of the nervous system, […]