The Trump administration is pushing the US further away from Europe and key allies in its response to the Gaza crisis

Alessandro Bianchi/Reuters The Trump administration’s response to the violence in Gaza this week once again places it at odds with Europe and key US allies. The UK, France, and Germany have responded more forcefully to the violence than the US and have expressed concern about Israel’s response to the demonstrations against the new US embassy […]

This millionaire is suing Facebook over fraud adverts — and he’s shocked by the firm’s ‘deliberately obtuse’ response (FB)

Getty Millionaire consumer rights champion Martin Lewis is suing Facebook after claiming scammers are using his reputation to ensnare people in “get-rich-quick schemes” through fake ads. The TV star’s team has been surprised by Facebook’s “deliberately obtuse” response to being served with legal action, according to his attorney. He is pursuing exemplary damages against Facebook, […]

The US fired more than 118 missiles at Syria in coordinated response to suspected chemical weapons attack

AP Photo/Hassan Ammar The US fired more than 118 missiles in “precision strikes” on Syria on Friday night. Defense Secretary James Mattis said the number of weapons used was “a little over double” that  of a 2017 air strike on Syria which involved 59 Tomahawk missiles. If Tomahawk missiles were used, the minimum weapons cost […]

Trump orders ‘precision strikes’ on Syria in response to chemical weapons attack that killed dozens

CNN President Donald Trump ordered “precision strikes” on Syria Friday night, in response to a suspected chemical weapons attack there. The development follows a suspected chemical attack that is widely believed to be the work of the Syrian government, which killed dozens of people. Syria has denied any involvement in the chemical attack.  President Donald […]

US blames 'bad actor' Russia for Douma 'chemical attack,' no timetable for response – White House

The White House has refused to clarify if Donald Trump’s belligerent tweets signal a planned strike on Syria, but insisted that Moscow is responsible for last week’s alleged chemical attack, as it failed to rein in Bashar Assad. Asked to respond to Moscow’s claims that the “civil defense” group White Helmets, which has links to […]

Russia should ban American products in response to US sanctions – PM Medvedev

Moscow may ban US goods as part of a response to the latest sanctions imposed by Washington, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has suggested. Read more “These can be not only the American securities… but also a whole range of other goods that are delivered to the Russian market or produced by American businesses on the […]

Trump will skip South America summit to plan Syria response

Published time: 10 Apr, 2018 13:30 Donald Trump intends to skip a planned summit in South America. The president will instead remain in the US to oversee the American response to an alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria by government forces. Trump was due to attend the Summit of the Americas in Lima, Peru on […]

White House: US and France promise a ‘strong, joint response’ on Syria after suspected chemical attack

Thierry Chesnot/Getty Images Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron spoke on Sunday and agreed to coordinate a “strong, joint response” on Syria. Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria is suspected of using chemical weapons that killed at least 40 civilians and injuring hundreds more on Saturday. Macron previously declared Syria’s use of chemical weapons a […]

Trump blasts the FBI and DOJ for ‘slow walking’ their response to a Republican subpoena

Mark Wilson/Getty Images President Donald Trump launched another salvo at the Department of Justice and the FBI Saturday, after the DOJ missed a deadline to respond to a document subpoena from Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee. Trump accused the DOJ of “slow walking” its response to the subpoena and suggested the agency had something […]

Trump threatens China with $100bn more in tariffs as response to Beijing’s ‘unfair retaliation’

Published time: 5 Apr, 2018 22:54 Edited time: 5 Apr, 2018 23:01 Donald Trump has instructed the US Trade Representative to consider slapping China with an additional $ 100 billion in tariffs, accusing China of engaging in “unfair retaliation” instead of backing down to Washington’s pressure. “Rather than remedy its misconduct, China has chosen to […]