The South China Sea is fabled for its hidden energy reserves and China wants to block outsiders like the US from finding them

China has a plan in motion to lock down potential oil and gas assets in the resource-rich, but hotly contested South China Seas. If successful, the move would effectively ban exploration by countries from outside the region, further isolating local powers from US support. China is using drawn-out negotiations over the issue to further divide […]

Key figures plead no contest, Smerdon reserves plea

GREG and Denise Nelligan, two of the alleged principal figures in the Aquanita doping scandal, will not take part in the inquiry. The revelation came at a Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board directions hearing into how 271 counts of breaching racing rules stretching back to 2010 would be heard. Group 1-winning trainer Robert Smerdon has […]

Russian gold reserves hit historic high, stockpiling record 223 tons last year

The Central Bank of Russia (CBR) added 300,000 ounces (9.3 tons) of gold to its reserves in December, bringing the total yearly holdings to a record 1,838.211 tons, worth over $ 76 billion in monetary terms. Read more According to new statistics, Russia is currently the sixth-largest gold owner after the United States, Germany, Italy, […]

Russia-China combined gold reserves could shake US dominance in global economy – expert tells RT

Published time: 8 Jan, 2018 07:19 The gold accumulated by China and Russia could be seen as part of a strategy to move away from international trade denominated in US dollars, according to Singapore’s BullionStar precious metals expert Ronan Manly. Manly exclusively told RT that there is a shift occurring regarding the two countries building […]

US gold of low purity & that's why audit of reserves will never be allowed – expert tells RT

The United States doesn’t let anyone see its gold reserves. Even if the Treasury has the number of billions it claims, they are not tradable, warns Singapore’s BullionStar precious metals expert Ronan Manly. The US government claims to hold 8133.5 tonnes of physical gold in its official reserves. Fifty-eight percent is reportedly held in Fort […]

PepsiCo reserves 100 Tesla Semis, likely at $20,000 a pop

Enlarge (credit: Tesla) Reuters reported on Tuesday that PepsiCo had recently placed 100 reservations for Tesla Semis. The order is the largest public one to date and may have cost the food and beverage manufacturer as much as $ 200,000. (The Wall Street Journal reported in November that Tesla had bumped the price of reservations […]

Venezuela wants to launch a cryptocurrency backed by oil reserves called the “petro”

AIZAR RALDES/AFP/Getty Images Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced the launch of a cryptocurrency called the “petro” backed by oil reserves.  Few specifics were given about the currency launch or how the struggling OPEC member would create the crytocurrency. Maduro said the petro will help Venezuela recover financially after the US imposed sanctions.  CARACAS (Reuters) – Venezuelan […]

Russia slams US for mishandling of diplomatic archives, reserves right to tit-for-tat response

Published time: 24 Oct, 2017 02:23 Edited time: 24 Oct, 2017 02:40 Moscow has accused Washington of denying access to and mishandling of diplomatic archives which remained in the Russian Consulate General in San Francisco after the building was seized by US authorities amid the ongoing diplomatic row. On August 31, Donald Trump’s administration ordered […]

Qatar burns almost $40bn of reserves to live through blockade – Moody’s

Published time: 15 Sep, 2017 09:42 Qatar has spent over 11 percent of its reserves in just three months after its Gulf neighbors led by Saudi Arabia imposed a blocked over Qatar’s alleged support of terrorism, Moody’s reports. According to the report, Doha used $ 38.5 billion, or 23 percent of GDP, to prop up […]