MIT researchers created a new tool that lets your ‘squad’ combat online harassment

MIT researchers released a new tool called Squadbox that aims to combat online harassment. The tool allows users to let a group of friends, or “squad,” filter out harassing emails. Squadbox is only available for email right now, but it could soon expand to other private messaging systems, such as Direct Messages on Twitter or […]

Researchers boycott South Korean university over AI weapons work

(Reuters) — Over 50 top Artificial Intelligence researchers on Wednesday announced a boycott of KAIST, South Korea’s top university, after it opened what they called an AI weapons lab with one of South Korea’s largest companies. The researchers, based in 30 countries, said they would refrain from visiting KAIST, hosting visitors from the univ…Read More

Researchers “heal” destructive dendrite growth in lithium-metal batteries

These photos show dendrites after pulses of different current densities are applied, from lowest density at the top to highest at the bottom. Dendrites—branching structures that look like tree limbs—are fun to draw, good on neurons, but generally to be avoided in lithium-ion batteries. As ions are exchanged between the anode and cathode over several […]

Keeping your phone on your desk seems harmless — but researchers find it distracts you even when it’s off

GaudiLab/ Your phone is probably hurting your ability to focus at work, according to new scientific research. In fact, people generally don’t realize how their phone is affecting their behavior. The best solution is to plan to keep your phone in another room at certain times. I could start this article with a quip about […]

Researchers are already building the foundation for sentient AI

GUEST: Few sci-fi tropes are more reliable in enthralling audiences than the plot of artificial intelligence betraying mankind. Perhaps this is because AI makes us confront the idea of what makes us human at all. From HAL 9000, to Skynet, to Westworld’s robot uprising, the fears of sentient AI feel very real. Even Elon Musk […]