US border patrol repels migrants with tear gas after Mexico crossing closure

After suspending all traffic at the US’ busiest port with Mexico, border patrol guards had to resort to tear gas to fend off migrants cutting holes in the border wall to gain entrance by other means. All crossings were completely suspended at the US’ busiest point of entry following a gate rush attempt where hundreds […]

Syrian air defense repels ‘Israeli attack’ on airbase, downs several missiles – state media

A military airbase in Syria’s south, known as T-4, came under attack late on Sunday, state media reported, attributing the strikes to Israel, which did not comment on the incident.  Several missiles have been intercepted by the anti-air defenses of the T-4 base, which is located in Homs countryside, and one attacking aircraft was hit […]

Nigerian army repels Boko Haram advance on northeastern capital

Published time: 25 Dec, 2017 21:11 The Nigerian military has repelled an attack on the capital of Borno state in north-east Nigeria by suspected Boko Haram militants, Major General Nicholas Rogers told Reuters. On Monday evening, heavy gunfire could be heard in the in Molai area on the outskirts of Maiduguri as soldiers fought back […]

Red wine stain? New 'hydrophobic' t-shirt REPELS dirt and spills for the clumsiest people

The makers claim that patented pioneering ‘hydrophobic’ technology means the likes of wine and ketchup will simply run off the surface of the machine-washable fabric. They liken its self-cleaning effect to that of the lotus leaf and say any residues on the 100 per cent cotton material can be removed by just wiping or rinsing […]