Best supplements for psoriasis: 10p a day remedy can help relieve itchy skin condition

BEST supplements for skin: Skin conditions can cause pain and discomfort for those that suffer them, but while topical creams are usually recommended as treatment, they don’t always work for everyone. Some experts say a particular supplement can help relieve symptoms of psoriasis.

How to get rid of fleas and STOP them coming back with this 90p home remedy

Fleas are known for their unsightly, itchy and distressing bites, with fleas in the home being unsanitary and dangerous for your pets. A flea infestation can be amongst the most tricky to get rid of, with the tiny pests invading homes and finding places to hide. They seek out warmth, hiding in places such as […]

B.C. health official voices ‘grave concerns’ after child given homeopathic remedy using rabid-dog saliva

A B.C. naturopath’s claim that she treated a small child’s behaviour problems with a homeopathic remedy derived from rabid dog saliva has prompted a letter to the federal government from the province’s senior public health official.

How to get rid of a chesty cough: Ditch medicine for this one ingredient hot drink remedy

DRY, tickly and mucus are just a few of the types of cough which circulate round this time of year. One of the hardest to contend with is the chesty cough. But while reaching for the medicine cabinet may seem like your first port of call, a doctor has recommended a simple hot drink as […]