8 Great Asian Horror Films That Hollywood Hasn’t Remade

In the 2000s, Western audiences gained more exposure to Asian horror films through Hollywood remakes starring western actresses like Naomi Watts, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Jennifer Connelly. Kickstarted by the commercial success of The Ring, the remake machine quickly went into overdrive and eventually sputtered out. Along the way, American audiences came to know certain […]

Star Wars Last Jedi: Fans petition to have Episode 8 REMOVED from canon and REMADE

A Change.org page encourages those who were left fuming by Episode 8 to join chants for it to be removed from canon and begun from scratch. Given that the movie has made so much at the box office already, this plight seems a little on the unfeasible side – but to its credit, it has […]

Final Fantasy VII Remade As A Huge Snow Sculpture 

[Image: DFF_fami] The Sapporo Snow Festival is now underway in Japan’s northern most prefecture Hokkaido. One of this year’s main sculptures is Final Fantasy VII themed, featuring Cloud and Sephiroth. Impressive, no? Each year, the Japanese military moves all this snow to make these huge sculptures.  Lots of detail if you get closer. These TV […]

Mega Man Remade In 2.5D

I don’t imagine that actually being trapped between dimensions would be super fun if it, you know, happened to you, but it sure looks cool. Case in point: Mega Man 2.5D. It’s a Mega Man fan game with two claims to fame: 2.5D graphics ala Paper Mario and co-op starring Mega Man and his better-dressed […]