Enter The Flesh Again Is A Stylishly Gothic Action-Adventure Journey Through Reincarnation

Behind Enter The Flesh Again‘s striking title and charming aesthetic is an action-adventure through life, death, and rebirth, a reincarnation journey that takes you to the realm beyond death and pits your powers and spirit guides against evil spirits and nightmare manifestations. As Aarya, you traverse a number of realms, from the physical world where […]

Star Wars 8: Is Rey a REINCARNATION of the first Force user? 'Rey can SPEAK to the Force'

WARNING: POTENTIAL LEAKS AND SPOILERS Fan comments, leaks, reports and theories are utterly focussed on Rey’s mysterious parents. Are her parents Skywalkers, Kenobis, Jinns or even Palpatine? What if they are irrelevant and her origins are even bigger, spanning time and the whole galaxy? A shocking new leak claims that Rey will display unheard of […]