AHS: 1984’s Leslie Grossman Applauds Margaret’s ‘Perfect’ Finale Fate, Reflects on That ‘Lovely Ending’

MORE ‘AHS’ Attention, campers: We’re about to spoil the events of Wednesday’s American Horror Story finale. You’ve been warned! Margaret Booth may not have lived to be AHS: 1984‘s final girl, but she still played an unforgettable role in Wednesday’s finale, one that cost her an arm and a leg. And another arm. And another […]

Neil Armstrong’s fate after the moon landing reflects America’s declining trust in the government and interest in a space program

NASA via Getty Images Neil Armstrong‘s moon landing was a first in human history. Armstrong’s accomplishment briefly united a nation torn over the Vietnam war, the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and Bobby Kennedy, and the riots of 1968. However, Armstrong’s fate after his “giant leap for all mankind” mirrored that of public interest in the […]

Tiffany’s Sparkly Surge Reflects a Divided Moment in America

In a video posted online in May, the actress and model Elle Fanning slouches up to a Tiffany store in an oversized hoodie, holding a take-out coffee cup, to admire the window display. It’s a deliberate play on Breakfast at Tiffany’s, with “Moon River” playing in the background. But as Fanning stands there, in black-and-white, […]

In new documentary, Ian McKellen reflects on Magneto, Gandalf

The trailer for McKellen: Playing The Part McKellen: Playing The Part, a new documentary focused on the life of beloved actor Sir Ian McKellen, covers dense topics like acting, activism, and aging. And the nearly 80-year-old McKellen seems to have thoughtful perspectives on all of it, drawing upon his dedication to live theater, his groundbreaking advocacy work […]

Black Lightning Boss Talks Finale's Season 2 Tease, Reflects on Freshman Challenges and Surprises

The following contains spoilers from the Season 1 finale of The CW’sBlack Lightning. Jefferson Pierce’s superhero alter ego, Black Lightning, managed to survive a multi-pronged assault in the CW series’ freshman finale. But is his biggest battle yet to come, from the inside of a briefcase? RELATEDCW Sets Finale Dates for The Flash, Riverdale and […]

Mary Kills People's Richard Short Talks Des' Season 2 Transformation, Reflects on AHS, 666 Park Avenue and More

Mary may kill people, but Richard Short is an actor with quite an impressive resumé. He has played a tattoo artist on Covert Affairs, a sex shop employee on American Horror Story and in his latest role — on Lifetime’s Mary Kills People — he plays the business partner of a woman who assists terminally ill patients with […]

UnREAL's Caitlin FitzGerald Reflects on SVU, New Girl, Rectify and More Roles, Talks Everlasting's Lady-Led Season

According to Caitlin FitzGerald, we all have a little Bachelor or Bachelorette in us. It’s a good thing she does, as she plays Serena, Everlasting’s first female suitor in the third season of UnREAL, premiering Monday, Feb. 26, at 10/9c on Lifetime. To catch up those of you that haven’t seen the show, UnREAL is […]

The most recent US casualty in Afghanistan reflects the military’s evolving mission there

U.S. Army The Department of Defense has identified the Army Green Beret killed in Afghanistan on Nov. 4 as Sgt. 1st Class Stephen Cribben, a 33-year-old senior communications sergeant assigned to 2nd Battalion 10th Special Forces Group out of Fort Carson, Colorado. Cribben died of wounds sustained while conducting operations in Logar province, Army Times […]

William Friedkin Reflects on ‘Exorcist’ Sequels, Says He Liked ‘It’

With The Exorcist, William Friedkin directed one of the most iconic horror films of all time, the tale of a young girl possessed by a demon with a potty mouth. Despite Friedkin’s success with The Exorcist, the filmmaker had nothing to do with the multiple sequels that followed. While some of the sequels (Exorcist II: The Heretic) are downright dreadful, Exorcist […]