Researchers find coral reefs in a place they shouldn’t exist

While the waters of the North Atlantic and South Pacific tend to have what hard corals need to survive, the North Pacific doesn’t, and it has been thought that deep-sea coral reefs were a near impossibility in that part of the ocean. But researchers at Florida State University and Texas A&M University have discovered a […]

The Great Barrier Reef’s fate rests on slowing global warming

There’s no question that the Great Barrier Reef and other coral fields are hurting as a result of rising water temperatures. But is there a relatively straightforward way to save them, or do they require more drastic action? Unfortunately, it’s not looking good. Researchers have found that typical efforts to fight coral bleaching, such as […]

A British cruise ship has crashed into pristine Indonesian coral reefs

© AFP/File ROMEO GACAD Sorong (Indonesia) (AFP) – A British-owned cruise ship has smashed into and damaged pristine coral reefs in a remote corner of Indonesia known as one of the world’s most biodiverse marine habitats, researchers and officials said Tuesday. Raja Ampat in eastern Indonesia has long been a top attraction for intrepid travellers […]