Sony’s reborn Aibo robot is available for pre-order in the US

Sony’s relentlessly adorable Aibo robot is finally ready to return to American shores. After months of waiting, you can pre-order a First Litter Edition of the robo-pup in the US ahead of an expected mid-December ship date. You’ll be spending a staggering $ 2,900 to play with the limited-run mechanical canine. The kit includes everything […]

Audi R8 to Be Reborn As EV Hypercar by 2022: Report

Unverified industry rumors claim Audi has no intention of bringing back the R8 for a third generation. The problem is deeply rooted in stagnating sales and further exacerbated by tightening emissions standards and Volkswagen Group’s new role as an environmentally conscious manufacturer. However, new reports indicate the brand’s flagship supercar will see new life as […]

‘Underworld Ascendant’ teaser reveals a reborn dungeon crawler

Ever since veteran developers successfully crowdfunded their spiritual successor to Ultima Underworld, there’s been a looming question: how would the prototypical 3D action RPG translate to the 21st century? You now have an idea. OtherSide and 505 Games have released a teaser trailer for Underworld Ascendant that illustrates how the reborn dungeon crawler will work. […]

More on the Reborn Toyota Supra: A Manual Remains Possible, a V-8 Fits, and Much More

– The Toyota Supra is back. After leaked specs and many spins around the rumor mill, the first official evidence of the car’s rebirth came at this year’s Geneva auto show with the reveal of the GR Supra Racing concept, a race-car version of the eventual production model. We sat down with Supra (and Toyota […]

The Roadrunner reborn: Charle Cournoyer wants more in Pyeongchang

Skating cuts deep in Charle Cournoyer’s family. That’s no surprise when you consider he’s a distant cousin of Yvan Cournoyer, the 10-time Stanley Cup winner and former captain of the Montreal Canadiens. The speedy Yvan was known as the Roadrunner during his time in the National Hockey League. He credited that swiftness to his long skate blades — a tip his […]

The reborn Lily drone isn’t what you were expecting

To say that Lily drone backers were disappointed would be an understatement. They were promised a cutting-edge machine only to watch the $ 34 million crowdfunding campaign go up in flames, and only some contributors have received their funds so far. However, Lily is back — sort of. Mota Group (which bought the brand name) […]

Shia LaBeouf’s anti-Trump livestream is reborn in New Mexico

Shia LaBeouf’s anti-Trump livestreaming art piece in New York City was ignominiously shut down just a few weeks into its planned 4-year run, but it’s getting a revival… albeit nowhere near its original home. LaBeouf and his artist partners have relaunched the anti-Donald Trump project, He Will Not Divide Us, at the Historic El Rey […]