OPEC looks like it’s won the battle to rebalance the crude market

Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Despite growing US shale supply, it looks like OPEC’s attempts to rebalance crude markets has succeeded. As seen in the chart below from the Commonwealth Bank, stockpiles of oil inventories held by OECD nations is now back at the average level seen over the past five years.See the rest of the story at […]

Bungie promises to rebalance Destiny 2’s loot boxes, raids

Enlarge (credit: Bungie, Inc.) In its first development roadmap update of 2018, Destiny developer Bungie is promising to rebalance Destiny 2‘s microtransaction and raids systems to give players more satisfying rewards that are less dependent on luck. In the lengthy development update posted Thursday evening, Game Director Christopher Barrett admitted up front that, currently, “the scales are […]