Action/Gardening Dark Soil Has Players Reaping What They Sow

Gardening is no easy task, and coupled with deadly plant life, it’s down right dangerous. Dark Soil is a mix of Dark Souls and gardening, having players planting seeds, sprinkling them with water to raise them into vicious vegetation, then fighting the sinister plants they’ve grown. Armed with your trusty watering can and a sack […]

How women are reaping the benefits of cutting their lawn with scythes

BBC Gardeners’ World presenter Monty, 62, regularly recommends scythes to his army of female fans. He has hailed the traditional hand tool as “deeply satisfying to use”. The “Monty Don effect” has sparked a surge in women attending courses organised by the Scythe Association of Britain and Ireland (SABI) to teach the 2,000-year-old skill. About […]