Avengers 4: Big Quantum Realm hint as Marvel boss Kevin Feige promises 'we will explore'

The end credits scene for Ant-Man and the Wasp, released over the summer, saw Scott Lang stuck in the Quantum Realm after his nearest and dearest were killed off by Thanos’s Snap from Infinity War. But will it play a crucial role in the Marvel heroes overturning the Snap and bringing multiple superheroes back to […]

Realm Royale patch notes: Steam update live as fans wait on PS4 and Xbox One news

Having posted some great player stats since its launch, Realm Royale recently saw its second Steam update. The official Realm Royale patch notes from Hi-Rez confirms all the big tweaks that have been made on the PC platform. This includes some big gameplay shifts for weapons, as well as the usual changes at the early […]

Bite-Sized Roguelike Realm Of The Ghost King Shuffles Towards Release

I do love me a good roguelike, but these things are quite the time sink. Level up your puny little hero, explore vast labyrinths, amass riches – that stuff usually takes a considerable amount of time. But fret not, Realm of the Ghost King respects your time, offering bite-sized sessions that will easily fit into […]

This Disney “Would You Rather” Will Tell You Which Disney Realm You Belong In

This Disney “Would You Rather” Will Tell You Which Disney Realm You Belong In You got: Aladdin You belong in Agrabah! There, you would live the life of a poor but carefree street rat, before finding out that you were actually a long-lost member of the sultan’s family. You’d also get a magic carpet and […]

This Strange Realm Of Mine Is A Feelgood Psychological Horror Game

The afterlife is an ever-changing, surreal place in This Strange Realm of Mine. One minute, you’re shooting monsters creeping up on you in dungeon caverns. The next, you’re in brilliant fields of shimmering white snow, contemplating your memories. Touted as a feelgood horror experience, it looks to offer a different kind of fear. Players act […]

‘Outside the realm of normal,’ ‘crazy’: James Comey is said to have expressed worries about Trump before his firing

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta Former FBI director James Comey was reported to have been at odds with President Donald Trump, long before his abrupt dismissal on Tuesday.  The New York Times reports that after Trump had made the widely discredited allegation that President Barack Obama had wiretapped Trump Tower prior to his inauguration, an astonished Comey […]

The artist behind Neil Gaiman’s American Gods: ‘The images become a doorway into that other realm’

The TV adaptation of American Gods is coming to Starz next month, but anyone eager to get the story now can always pick up the book. Neil Gaiman’s best-selling fantasy novel is getting a new edition courtesy of The Folio Society, a publisher known for putting out amazing special editions of classic books. I’ve gushed […]

Superhero Bits: Deadpool 2’s Domino Shortlist, The Quantum Realm, Burt Ward’s Robin Injury & More

How did Burt Ward injure himself on his first day as Robin on the Batman series from 1966? Did you notice the Ant-Man easter egg that appeared in Doctor Strange? Is Casey Affleck interested in playing Robin alongside his brother Ben Affleck as Batman? Which other actresses are rumored to be on the shortlist to […]