‘No place for the weak’: Netanyahu threatens Iran & Syria at nuclear reactor ceremony

Israel will oppose Iranian presence in Syria with the same zeal it worked to destroy the nuclear deal, and hurt “whoever tries to hurt us,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said as he dedicated a nuclear reactor facility. The Middle East is “no place for the weak. The weak crumble, are slaughtered and are erased from […]

Rosatom begins loading fuel into new nuclear reactor in China

The first batch of fuel was loaded on Friday into a new power unit of the Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant in China, Russia’s Rosatom Corporation said. The new power unit is the station’s fourth, and was built in close cooperation with Moscow. All the powerhouses at the station are VVER-1000s, iconic Russian-made water-water energetic reactors. […]

Nuclear reactor maker Westinghouse, energy company Scana find buyers

Enlarge / Virgil C. Summer Nuclear Station, Unit 1 (credit: Nuclear Regulatory Commission) 2017 was undoubtedly a challenging year for nuclear power in the US. But last week, two of the major players in 2017’s nuclear power drama may have found a path forward, subject to regulator approval. Westinghouse, the nuclear reactor company owned by […]

Yemen’s militant Houthi group said it launched a missile toward a nuclear reactor in Abu Dhabi

Mohammed Hamoud/Getty Images Yemen’s militant Houthi group has fired a cruise missile toward a nuclear power plant in Abu Dhabi. There were no reports of any missiles reaching the UAE. The Iran-aligned Houthis control much of northern Yemen and had said Abu Dhabi was a target for their missiles. DUBAI (Reuters) – Yemen’s Houthi group […]

‘Safer’ thorium reactor trials could salvage nuclear power

A Dutch nuclear research institute is conducting the first experiment in close to five decades on molten-salt nuclear reactors based on thorium. Long hailed as a potential “safer” nuclear power, thorium reactor research could provide clean, affordable and “large-scale energy production.” That’s according to scientists from the Nuclear Research and Consulting Group (NRG) in Petten, […]

Russia to deliver test batch of nuclear fuel to US reactor in 2019

Published time: 20 Jun, 2017 18:36 Russia’s nuclear fuel company has launched production of fuel assemblies for a nuclear reactor in the US. The first test batch of fuel assemblies is scheduled to be delivered to the US in 2019, a senior company official has said. Read more TVEL, the fuel supply wing of the […]

Man who tried to build a homemade nuclear reactor didn’t die of radiation poisoning

Enlarge / David Charles Hahn (left), pictured here with his half brother Kevin Breeding, just months before his death in September 2016. (credit: Kenneth Hahn) Last year, Ars reported on the death of David Charles Hahn, who was profiled by Harper’s Magazine in 1998 for having attempted to build a homemade breeder nuclear reactor in his […]