Sentient rock gods, Hamlet, and a dash of LOTR: Ann Leckie’s The Raven Tower

Warning: Mild spoilers ahead. (credit: Tor/Orbit) Author Ann Leckie may not be the first to explore the consequences of ruling sentient beings and dueling AIs within a book, though her award-winning sci-fi novel Ancillary Justice and its sequels suggested there were still new storytelling ideas in the conceit. For instance, what if that dystopian-future lens […]

Masked Singer Week 5: Biggest Clues About the Rabbit, the Raven and More

Following Wednesday’s reveal of the Unicorn, TVLine is now batting 1,000 in guessing The Masked Singer‘s mystery celebs. It’s really not even fair to call it guessing at this point. It’s more like… prophesying. Using the clues provided by the show, as well as our countless collective hours of watching every television show known to […]

Raven Fortnite Skin LIVE: Epic Games launches new Legendary Outfit

It was thought that the new Legendary Outfit would be launched a little later today. However, it has now been confirmed by Epic Games that their new Raven Fortnite Skin is now available to buy. They posted a new teaser on Twitter, along with the caption: “From the depths of the storm he knocks, In […]

Fortnite skins UPDATE: New Raven release date news revealed for Legendary outfit

It was recently confirmed that Epic Games were set to launch a new cosmetic pack for Battle Royale players. Regular Fortnite skins updates have been released over the past few weeks, and it appears that the development team have been saving the best till last. One of the new outfits that has been getting a […]

Fortnite Raven Skin release NEWS: New legendary outfit UPDATE

UPDATE ONE: A new update has been made to the original PlayStation posting found on PS4s earlier today. The Fortnite Raven skins looked like it could be released tonight but it appears that this launch has been delayed. The original listing how now been updated to read: ‘Coming to Fortnite Battle Royale this weekend.’ This […]

Fortnite skins LEAKED: New Raven Legendary outfit revealed in big update

Epic Games recently released a new update for their popular Battle Royale game. And as usual, fans have gotten busy datamining all the good secrets that may have been left by the development team. And for those who like collecting new Fortnite skins, there’s some very good news. Fans on PS4, Xbox One, PC and […]

The 100 Preview: Raven and Bellamy Are 'Forever Bonded' in Season 5

Outer space is apparently a lot like Vegas: What happens up there stays up there, you have to gamble to win, and you never know who you’ll find by your side when the journey inevitably comes to an end. At least that’s what we took away from our trip to The 100‘s Vancouver set, where […]

A Raven Monologue Tells A Story Of Raven Relationships

A Raven Monologue follows a raven who can’t seem to call out, telling a silent story of its relationship with the people in town. A Raven Monologue follows the raven through several meetings around town, using visuals to explain the story and its conversations with the people of the city. Using striking artwork, perspective, and […]

Raven's Home Video: Watch Raven Vogue Her Way Down Memory Lane

Prepare to see Raven at her most… well, Raven. The titular queen of Raven’s Home is in rare form in TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek of Friday’s episode (Disney Channel, 8/7c), during which Nia goes to her mom for advice about her school dance — you know, in the event that she accidentally finds herself at […]

Raven's Home Premiere Video: Raven and Chelsea Are All Grown Up — and Crushing the Single Mom Game

Raven Baxter is back(ster)! Following tonight’s premiere of Descendants 2 (8/7c), Disney Channel is debuting the first episode of the highly anticipated That’s So Raven spinoff (10/9c) — and TVLine has an exclusive sneak peek of the family friendly madness to come. Picking up X number of years after the original series, Raven’s Home follows […]