BBC weather forecast UK: 60MPH gusts to RATTLE Britain as temperatures continue to TUMBLE

Gust of 60 miles per hour are set to thrash the UK today, as heavy downpours pummel the nation following the arrival of a cold air stream. Forecasters predict Tuesday to be another cold and breezy day as temperatures persistently fall this winter, with most places struggling to reach double figures. At the start of […]

Kobe Steel scandal could rattle nuclear industry

Japan’s Kobe Steel has joined a rather unfortunate “club”. That club’s membership includes those Japanese companies recently racked by scandal and mismanagement. Kobe’s management admitted that its employees faked quality inspection reports on its steel and other metal products used domestically in automobiles, bullet trains and nuclear power stations. So far, corporate announcements have been […]

Opera review: Berlioz’s The Damnation of Faust conducted by Rattle

With more than 100 members of the London Symphony Chorus crammed onto the platform along with a full-size orchestra that fielded among other instruments four harps, two tubas, and six basses, it was suddenly clear that Rattle’s argument for a new supersize concert hall in the City has something going for it.  Berlioz’s treatment of […]