Police summon Indian bishop accused of repeatedly raping nun amid protests

A bishop accused by a nun of repeatedly raping her over two years has been summoned for questioning by police in India. It comes as several nuns continue to protest outside the High Court to demand justice for the sister. Amid claims that authorities are failing to take action against the bishop, police have summoned […]

France may set age of consent at 13 after man acquitted of raping 11yo

The French government is considering setting the minimum age for sexual consent following a controversial decision by a jury to spare a man accused of raping an 11-year-old girl. The verdict has sparked a public outcry and calls to revise the law. The bill, if adopted, will set a benchmark in French law on sexual […]

‘Sexomniac’: Man accused of raping woman 100s of times blames sleep disorder

Published time: 24 Oct, 2017 10:44 A man accused of raping a woman “hundreds of times” has claimed he was suffering from “sexomnia,” a condition in which a person engages in sexual activities while asleep. He told the woman the sleep disorder “made him do it.” Lawrence Barilli, 35, is on trial at Glasgow High […]

Iraqi refugee sentenced to 11 years for raping Chinese students in Germany

A German court has sentenced an Iraqi asylum seeker to 11 years in prison for the “brutal rape” of two Chinese students who were studying at a local university. “Eleven years is a tough sentence. However, it is the price for what the accused did to the absolutely innocent victims for no reason,” Volker Talarowski, […]

Machete-wielding man arrested after raping woman in front of her boyfriend in Bonn

Published time: 10 Apr, 2017 22:31 A 31-year-old has been placed under arrest by a court in Bonn over allegations that he raped a woman at knifepoint while her boyfriend watched. Local media reported that the accused is an asylum seeker from Ghana. The 23-year-old female and her partner were approached by the suspect on […]

Delhi man detained after allegedly raping foreign woman for nearly half a year

Published time: 2 Apr, 2017 18:57 A Delhi man has been detained by police for allegedly luring a 22-year-old woman to India from Uzbekistan, before holding her captive and raping her for six months, local media report. Read more The man, known only as Sonu alias Sumit, was charged with rape and “immoral trafficking” on […]

Mexican man cleared of raping 17yo girl because he didn’t ‘satisfy his sexual appetite’

A Mexican man has been cleared of sexually assaulting an underage girl because he hadn’t “satisfied his sexual appetite” and didn’t intend “to copulate,” a judge in Mexico has ruled. Diego Gabriel Cruz Alonso was accused of raping a 17-year-old girl in the city of Boca del Rio in Veracruz state some 320 kilometers east […]