New investigation says partner in Trump’s Toronto hotel raised financing after sending $100 million to a Putin-controlled bank

Mike Cassese/Reuters FT: Trump’s business partner on the Trump Toronto tower paid a $ 100 million commission to a middleman with Kremlin links to help facilitate the sale of a stake in a Russian steel mill. The stake was sold for $ 850 million and some of that money may have gone to the Trump […]

Questions are being raised about Facebook’s decision to give a Russian internet company temporary special access to its user data (FB)

Steve Jennings/Getty Images for Breakthrough Prize Facebook acknowledged that it gave Mail.Ru special access to user data after 2015, when it officially ended the system that allowed third-party apps to access user data. Mail.Ru was among dozens of companies that were granted special temporary access to Facebook user data. Mail.Ru has ties to the Kremlin, […]

Speedrunners raised $2.21 million for Doctors Without Borders

Speedrunning charity event Summer Games Done Quick finished up this past Sunday. The recipient of the funds raised druing the event, which saw players rushing as fast as possible through titles like Animaniacs, Pikimin 3 and Rise of the Tomb Raider, went to benefit Doctors Without Borders. Gamers raised $ 2,122,529.20 for the medical charity […]

I raised $2 million in a seed round — and it did not go the way I was told it would

HBO Founder and CEO of Seed&Spark, Emily Best, shares her experience trying to get her company funded over the course of several years. It did not go the way she expected. She received a term sheet from her dream VC, but the offer was reportedly so terrible it was insulting. Another large investor that said they were […]

US interference in Irish referendum? Concerns raised over ‘foreign’ pro-life groups

Irish transparency activists have raised concerns around foreign interference from US pro-life groups ahead of the upcoming abortion referendum on Friday. US anti-abortion activists, describing themselves as ‘journalists,’ have been campaigning across the historically Catholic country, calling on Irish citizens to vote ‘no’ to repealing the 8th amendment. If the referendum passes, it would pave […]

People have raised over $900 to buy a new couch for billionaire Elon Musk

Ben Sullins/GoFundMe People are trying to raise $ 1,000 on GoFundMe to buy Tesla CEO Elon Musk a new couch.  The campaign started after Musk said in an interview he’d been sleeping on a couch at his Tesla factory in Fremont, California.  The couch looks very uncomfortable, and Musk even admitted he sometimes just sleeps […]

A billboard in New York City has been raised daring LeBron James to sign with the Knicks

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images An NYC advertisement company has put up a billboard daring LeBron James to sign with the Knicks this offseason. The plea is just the latest example of billboards trying to lure LeBron, a trend that Philadelphia 76ers fans started when they put up a billboard in Cleveland.  LeBron will probably sign […]

Watch dump truck with raised trailer smack bridge at highway speed

What happens when a raised dump trailer full of canola seed collides with a bridge in the rain at highway speeds? Watch to find out. This happened at 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, April 4, according to the Montreal Gazette. The truck was traveling along Highway 40 with its trailer completely raised when it smashed into a […]

Pssst! While we were all distracted by Spotify, Dropbox just raised another $113 million

Spotify’s IPO made for an exciting day on Wall Street. But the bigger financial windfall may have gone to a company that staged its own high-profile IPO last month: Dropbox. In a press release, Dropbox announced that given the strong showing of its own IPO, the investment banks that underwrote the offering exercised an option […]