Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 roadmap and Burnt Horizon operators REVEALED

Ubisoft has announced their plans for the Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 roadmap, including news on new maps and operators. Operation Burnt Horizon will be the next major R6 update, bringing the action to Australia. This will be followed by operators from the United States and Denmark, which will be paired with a new map […]

‘Rainbow Six: Siege’ ends year 3 with a new Morocco map

Ubisoft is winding down the third year of Rainbow Six: Siege with another big update that might take players out of their comfort zones. The developer’s upcoming Operation Wind Bastion will add a free new Morocco map, Fortress, and two Moroccan characters that throw a curve into familiar gameplay. Nomad has proximity-based air-blast grenades that […]

Ubisoft sanitizes ‘Rainbow Six: Siege’ to expand its audience

Ubisoft wants to bring Rainbow Six: Siege to new Asian markets, and it’s sterilizing some parts of the game in the process — regardless of where you live. It’s prepping a Year 3 Season 4 update to the global version of the game that removes numerous references to gambling, sex and certain violent elements. Slot […]

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Grim Sky hands-on –Pitting Maverick against Clash

Ubisoft is revealing the gameplay for Maverick and Clash, the new operators for Rainbow Six Siege today at the Six Major esports event in Paris today. The operators are part of the new expansion, Operation Grim Sky, for the five-year-old Rainbow Six Siege, which has more than 30 million players. I played a couple of […]

Rainbow Six: Siege’s new defender has a shield that shoots lightning

The debut trailer for the latest defender character in Rainbow Six: Siege leaked over the weekend, and now Ubisoft has revealed some of the character’s history in a blog post. Her name is Morowa “Clash” Evans, and she was an officer with England’s Territorial Support Group. She carries the “crowd control electro shield…Read More

Shine bright in holiday rainbow sequins from Very, Boohoo and Wildfox

(Image: SUN MAG) When we used to think of sequins, it was all about Beyonce, Strictly and fancy dress costumes, but times have changed. Runway designer Ashish became known for his sequined everything from T-shirts to trousers and pretty soon the highstreet followed. We knew they were official when brands like J Crew and Boden […]

Rainbow Six Siege Para Bellum release time, new operators update, and patch notes

Ubisoft have released the official patch notes for the next Rainbow Six Siege expansion, which is set to arrive later today. Landing at slightly different intervals on all platforms, the development team have opted for a gradual rollout, rather then doing things all at once. PC players will see the first launch, followed by PS4, and […]

Rainbow Six Siege operators: New leak hints at post Para Bellum plans

It looks like the new Rainbow Six Siege Para Bellum content will be followed by new operators which could add to the offensive mix. According to dataminers, evidence has been found that suggests that a new breacher is in the works. With the barest details currently available, it looks like a new character is being […]

Rainbow Six: Siege passes 30 million players

Ubisoft announced today that its multiplayer shooter Rainbow Six: Siege has passed 30 million players. Rainbow Six: Siege launched in 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Siege wasn’t an immediate success when it launched, but Ubisoft’s dedication to supporting the live title with content has given it a long and profitable life. Si…Read […]

Rainbow Six: Siege test server gets fix for shooting while going prone

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege may finally get a major fix that fans have asked for since the tactical team shooter  debuted at the end of 2015. Ubisoft is testing an update that fixes a misalignment issue between your gun and your reticle. But as part of that test, the company “snuck” out a tweak […]