Dieses zugegebenermaßen sehr seltsame Quiz verrät dir deine besten Eigenschaften

Via Getty Images Via Getty Images Via Getty Images Via Getty Images Via Getty Images Via Getty Images Via Getty Images Via Getty Images Via Getty Images Via Getty Images Via Getty Images Via Getty Images Via Getty Images Via Getty Images Dieser Artikel erschien zuerst auf Englisch. Facebook-Kommentare Let’s block ads! (Why?)

Wenn du keinen Penis hast, wird dir dieses Quiz echt schwerfallen

Avicenna / Imgur Wir haben uns mit Dr. Harry Fisch, einem zertifizierten Urologen am Presbyterian Hospital in New York und Autor von Size Matters, zusammengesetzt, um das ultimative Quiz über Schwänze und Eier zu schreiben. Viel Glück. 1. Was ist die durchschnittliche Länge eines erigierten Penisses? AndreyPopov / Thinkstock Die durchschnittliche Länge ist 13,12 cm! […]

Can you identify 30 of the most iconic albums, from this cryptic image quiz?

It’s no secret that people take a lot of pride in their music knowledge – we all love the feeling of being more in-the-know than our mates. However, these days, with tastes getting more and more eclectic due to easy access through streaming platforms, everyone considers themselves a sonic connoisseur.   Luckily there’s a way […]

How This Learning Style Quiz Can Help You Make the Most of Your Life

A textbook definition of learning styles is “characteristic cognitive, effective, and psycho-social behaviors that serve as relatively stable indicators of how learners perceive, interact with, and respond to the learning environment.”((Am J Pharm Educ.: Learning Styles: A Review of Theory, Application, and Best Practices))That’s a fancy way of saying that different individuals interact with their learning […]

Arrowverse Pop Quiz Video! Which Show's Cast Knows Arrow, The Flash, Legends and Supergirl Best?

“What is the name of Oliver Queen’s son?” That seemingly simple question was among many that Matt Mitovich lobbed at the casts of The CW’s Arrowverse shows as they passed through TVLine’s video suite at San Diego Comic-Con this summer. In the Yellow Lightning Round-style pop quiz above, stars from The Flash, DC’s Legends of […]

Quiz review: Millionaire-themed production is timely but with fundamental weaknesses

But back when Chris Tarrant ruled the bastard child of Double Your Money and Mastermind, a million pounds was serious dosh. And the scandal of the “Coughing Major” who was convicted of cheating his way to the big cheque in 2003 was international news. James Graham’s play Quiz has transferred from a successful run at […]