Pointless Celebrities: Richard Osman STUNNED as contestant makes quip about show rules

Richard, 48, and his Pointless co-host Alexander Armstrong, 49, were on hand to welcome four pairs of real-life doctors and actors who have or are portraying the medical professionals in television dramas. After introducing the contestants to the BBC quiz show, Alexander and Richard went on to explain how the first questions would work. The […]

Former intelligence chief shrugs off Trump with a self-deprecating quip: I thought things would improve ‘once he got rid of the two “Nazis”‘

CNN Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper appeared to take exception to President Donald Trump’s claim that “nobody has greater respect for intelligence,” than he does — and harked back to a time when Trump railed against the US intelligence community. “I think he likes intelligence on a selective basis,” Clapper said to CNN’s Don […]