The results of the most brutal finance exam in the world have just been released — here are the questions those who took it faced

Digital Trends On Tuesday, results for Levels I and II of the Chartered Financial Analyst qualification were released. Every year, more than 100,000 people take exams to earn the CFA. The series of three exams is notoriously difficult — less than 50% of people who take the first level pass. Below are seven questions from a […]

3D-printed (and CNC-milled) guns: Nine questions you were too afraid to ask

Enlarge / Cody Wilson, owner of Defense Distributed company, holds a 3D-printed gun, called the “Liberator,” in his factory in Austin, Texas, on August 1, 2018. (credit: KELLY WEST/AFP/Getty Images) By now, you’ve probably seen all the news regarding Defense Distributed, company founder Cody Wilson, and 3D-printed guns. As of last week, his story has […]

CBS chief Les Moonves, who faces sexual misconduct allegations, is expected to answer questions during corporate earnings call this week

Drew Angerer/Getty Images Les Moonves, the CEO and chairman of CBS Corporation, is reportedly planning to take questions from analysts during his company’s second-quarter earnings call on Thursday. The CBS chief faces sexual misconduct allegations from at least six women, as reported by The New Yorker last week. According to The New Yorker, Moonves is […]

A new report questions “viability” of plan to privatize the space station

Enlarge / The International Space Station is an important test bed for microgravity research. But it’s also very costly. (credit: NASA) A new report from the space agency’s inspector general concludes that NASA has no easy choice when it comes to the future of the massive International Space Station that orbits about 400km above the […]

New scoliosis surgery ‘could be revolutionary,’ but Halifax surgeon says questions remain

The IWK Hospital in Halifax is the first facility in North America to offer a new surgery to correct curves in the spine. The surgeon performing the procedure says it’s less invasive and less expensive, but warns there is no long-term research to test the results.

Russian volleyball star questions award for men’s football team over World Cup quarter-final run

Former Russian volleyball star Yekaterina Gamova has questioned the plaudits for the men’s national football team following their run to the World Cup quarter-final this summer. Gamova, who retired in 2016 as a double volleyball world champion and two-time Olympic silver medallist, criticized the decision to give members of the men’s football team the title […]

The mystery of MH370 is about to be laid to rest for good — here are all the theories, dead ends, and unanswered questions from the most bizarre airline disaster of the century

AP; iStock; Skye Gould/Business Insider Flight MH370 disappeared four years ago with 239 people on board. It vanished on its way from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, and only fragments have ever been found. Years of investigations failed to make sense of what happened to the plane. Conspiracy theories have grown as families of victims accuse the […]