Build A Hectic Robotic Kitchen In Upcoming Puzzler Automachef

In this cute sci-fi puzzler, the messy hecticness of the kitchen is replaced with rhythmic hecticness of automation, as Automachef tasks you with constructing precise cuisine assembly lines. Automachef looks reminiscent of the assembly optimization of Factorio, a game that offered expansive alien worlds and resources for your manufacturing. Comparatively, Automachef‘s puzzles challenge you to […]

Solo is a meditative island puzzler where you can make some animal friends

In Solo, the puzzles aren’t the only things that need answers. Indie developer Team Gotham presents players with an idyllic island filled not only with riddles but with peaceful activities that players can use to relax and think about deeper questions. The contemplative puzzler comes out on April 26 for PC, and it will be […]

Test Your Codebreaking Skills In First Person Cryptography Puzzler Cypher

Puzzles tend to revolve around learning and applying rules, whether those rules are spatial or physics-based or word-based and so on. Learn and understand the key information and you can piece together a solution. Cypher, the upcoming game from Matthew Brown of Hexcells fame, is all about applying rules, for the purest form of puzzle-solving: […]

Cure Magical Maladies In Charming Fantasy Medical Puzzler Wunderdoktor

Being a doctor is hard enough with ghosts and living growths to deal with, so the traveling surgeon in Wunderdoktor certainly has quite a curious magical challenge to overcome while traversing the game’s cursed fantasy world, filled with charming residents with all manner of gross illnesses to cure. From within your medical buggy, you are […]

Figment is a surreal puzzler that brings dreamscapes alive with music

Figment is a surreal puzzle game that takes place entirely inside the mind. The whimsy of its rich, colorful illustrations is matched by the fact that it actually features musical numbers. Developer Bedtime Digital Games has been working on it for 3 years now, and it’s finally launching later this year on PC, PlayStation 4, […]

Everyone Dies In RPG Puzzler Vidar

In Razbury Games’ Vidar, everyone will die. That’s not a spoiler, that’s a fact. Every night, a random person in the small snowbound village will be killed by the terrible beast lurks in the surrounding woodlands, and every night, the story will change, a ripple effect from that death. Vidar combines puzzle solving with system-driven […]

Don’t Cut The Red Wire In Explosive Puzzler Bomb Squad Academy

Defusing bombs tends to be pretty easy in games. Often you only have to hold a button till the explosive is disarmed. But Systemic Games’ Bomb Squad Academy wants you to make those digital defusals a bit more challenging and involved. In this puzzle game, every level is primed to blow, and you must carefully […]

imprint-X Is A Puzzler About Hacking Brains To Free People From Nanobot Infections

imprint-X is in love with buttons. It features 700 of them, after all, spread out over 100 puzzles you’ll have to solve to free people from nanobot control. You see, these little machines, called Wardens, are kind of taking over people, so you might want to do something about it. Besides, who doesn’t like pressing […]