David Dimbleby net worth: Question Time and Putin's Russia host has a sizeable fortune

David Dimbleby, 79, is a British journalist and television presenter best known for hosting Question Time on BBC. He also hosted Putin’s Russia with David Dimbleby, which is broadcast tonight at 9pm on BBC One. But what is his net worth? A mainstay on British television, he has spent 56 years of his life active […]

Should We Have Meddled in Putin's Election? We Asked, You Answered

Last week, we asked: Should the U.S. meddle in Russia’s election? Well, Vladimir Putin won again, with 75 percent of the vote (even more than the last time around), after a campaign in which the leading opposition candidate was barred from running. So it seems the U.S. chose not to interfere, interfered on behalf of […]

Putin's Future Threat Could Come From Within His Base

You’ve probably seen the images from Moscow splashed across front pages in recent years: Protesters flooding the streets of Russia’s capital, hoisting placards denouncing President Vladimir Putin as riot cops swarm the crowd. Usually, Alexei Navalny — the handsome and charismatic darling of the beleaguered opposition movement — is somewhere at the helm, or being […]