The Trump administration is pushing the US further away from Europe and key allies in its response to the Gaza crisis

Alessandro Bianchi/Reuters The Trump administration’s response to the violence in Gaza this week once again places it at odds with Europe and key US allies. The UK, France, and Germany have responded more forcefully to the violence than the US and have expressed concern about Israel’s response to the demonstrations against the new US embassy […]

How ProtonMail is pushing email privacy standards

FEATURE: Rumors of email’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. While the “age-old” communication conduit may have new rivals, it is showing little sign of letting up. In 2017, active email users stood at 3.7 billion globally, a figure that’s expected to hit 4.1 billion by 2021, according to research firm Radicati. Last yea…Read More

EA CEO: We’re ‘pushing forward’ with loot boxes despite regulation

Belgium and the Netherlands have ruled that many loot boxes in games like FIFA Ultimate Team are equivalent to gambling and in violation of their laws, but FIFA publisher Electronic Arts says it plans to continue its loot-box Ultimate Team mode. “We’re going to continue pushing forward [with FIFA Ultimate Team],” EA chief executiv…Read More

Trump is reportedly pushing for ‘sweeping’ strikes in Syria — but Mattis is pushing back

President Donald Trump’s national security team, led by newly appointed national security adviser John Bolton, is in favor of a sweeping military strike on Syrian forces, according to a Wall Street Journal report. Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis is reportedly against sweeping strikes, fearing that they will trigger a wider conflict with Russia and Iran. […]

THE DIGITAL REMITTANCE REPORT: How tech-savvy challengers are pushing the industry toward a digital-first future

BII Cross-border, peer-to-peer money transfers — better known as remittances — are an integral part of societies around the world, especially in developing markets where receiving funds could mean the difference between life and death for families and community who remain behind. This has resulted in a massive global remittance market, which totaled $ 575 billion in […]

Israeli ex-defense minister says Trump’s new NSC adviser Bolton was pushing him to strike Iran

The newly appointed US National Security Adviser, John Bolton, tried to persuade Israel to conduct a pre-emptive strike against Iran before it achieved nuclear weapons capability, Israel’s ex-Defense Minister has revealed. “I got to know John Bolton when he was the US ambassador to the United Nations,” Shaul Mofaz said at a conference of former […]

All the theories Russia is pushing to claim they weren’t behind the nerve agent attack on a former spy in the UK

Britain has accused Russia of trying to kill former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter with a deadly nerve agent — but the Kremlin is fighting back. The UK blamed Russia partly on the grounds that Novichok, the poison used in the attack, was developed in the former Soviet Union. Allies including the US, France, […]

AT&T says it supports net neutrality and won’t create internet ‘fast lanes’ — while pushing for the right to do just that (T)

In response to a protest Tuesday in favor of net neutrality, AT&T said it was opposed to “fast lanes and slow lanes” on the internet. In the same statement, though, the company essentially said it actually does want to offer a form of fast lanes for some applications. Those applications would include connections for self-driving […]

Top Gear: Matt LeBlanc reveals TRUTH after being taped pushing Chris Harris through a wall

In the first-look trailer released ahead of the 25th series, Matt, Chris and Rory Reid can be seen heading to Japan, the US, Italy and even Surrey for a set of new adventures. However, in one segment of the teaser, Matt can be seen play-fighting and pushing Chris through a paper wall following a race […]