Integration failure: Report finds 51% Vienna pupils don’t speak German at home

More than half of students at Viennese schools use their native language, rather than German, at home and as they go about their everyday activities, according to a new integration report released by the Austrian government. The 8th annual report, prepared by an independent expert council, has found that the Austrian government’s efforts to encourage […]

SAS hero who is helping pupils succeed

JONATHANBUCKMASTER Floyd Woodrow pictured in the classroom with students at Pewsey Vale School But rather than seeing the break from usual lessons as an excuse to switch off or mess around, every one of them is listening raptly.  In front of each are hand-drawn maps showing their individual goals and ambitions, with targets, strategies and […]

Tory MP calls for pupils to learn UK national anthem to aid integration, create sense of identity

Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell is calling for ‘God Save the Queen’ to be taught in schools across the UK to bolster a sense of “national identity” and aid integration – but the suggestion has been met with a backlash. “With such a diverse society, it is even more important that all schoolchildren in the UK […]

Headmaster apologizes for gender-neutral toilets that made pupils ‘uncomfortable’

Published time: 17 Oct, 2017 14:36 A headmaster at one of Britain’s top schools has been forced to apologize for introducing gender-neutral toilets. Earlier in the year he was criticized for allowing boys to wear skirts as part of their school uniform. Adam Pettit oversaw the conversion of toilets at Highgate School in North London […]

Norovirus OUTBREAK: School closed after stomach bug infects ‘significant number’ of pupils

The school in Bridgend had to temporarily shut doors after several of its pupils fell ill with a sickness bug. On Friday morning parents of children at Brynmenyn Primary were informed that classes would be cancelled so that the school could undergo a thorough cleaning. A spokesman from Bridgend county borough council said: “As a […]

Power to the pupils: The Internet of Eyes is fueling a race to dominate next generation cameras

When Evan Nisselson looks at the future of the internet, it’s all about the camera. Speaking at the DigitalK conference today in Sofia, Bulgaria, the general partner at LDV Capital explained why his firm is investing in a wide range of optical and camera-related technologies. He said that driven by artificial intelligence and connected devices, cameras […]

‘Total lack of sensitivity:’ German pupil’s deportation to Nepal leaves classmates ‘traumatized’

German authorities came to a school and took a teenage pupil away right from her classes to deport her to Nepal later the same day, provoking an angry reaction from her classmates and teachers, who said they were “traumatized” by the incident. The ninth-grade pupil, identified as Bivsi Rana, 14, was deported from Germany to […]

Unisex toilets planned for Glasgow primary schools to support LGBT pupils

Primary schools across Glasgow are introducing unisex toilets to tackle bullying and support children “confused about their gender identity,” the local council has announced. Under new plans, toilets will no longer be labelled ‘girls’ and ‘boys’, but will instead be labelled ‘unisex’ to tackle anti-social behavior and make LGBT students feel more at ease. Read […]