‘DERE EVIL .EXE’ Is A Punishing Platformer Of Meta Horror

As if rapid, countless platforming deaths weren’t enough, DERE EVIL.EXE, sequel to the award-winning horror DERE.EXE, places you in the midst of an eerie story, one that seems intent on breaking out of the game’s world. Knightly, your protagonist, will need your guidance through this world full of daunting platforming puzzles. Will you be able […]

BattleTech is a more tactical, punishing view of mech battling

Enlarge / The mechs crumple, explode, list, and flare with a surprising amount of detail. (credit: Harebrained Schemes) BattleTech is out to get me. The turn-based tactics game from Harebrained Schemes—the studio that cut its teeth on resurrecting “Nineties Cool” franchises with Shadowrun Returns—has now revived the world of MechWarrior in absolutely savage fashion. The […]

Mute movie reviews are TERRIBLE – ‘BAD Blade Runner’ is ‘a PUNISHING watch’

The latest Netflix original movie is available to stream today, but just like The Cloverfield Paradox before it, the critics aren’t impressed. Jones’ Mute currently has just 8% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. Starring Alexander Skarsgard, Paul Rudd and Justin Theroux, the sci-fi noir is set in 2058 Berlin where a mute bartender searches for […]

Dick Pound criticizes IOC for not punishing Russia strongly enough for Olympic doping

Dick Pound, a senior member of the International Olympic Committee, is criticizing the Olympic body for neglecting to punish Russia strongly enough, and instead allowing potentially hundreds of Russian athletes to compete at the Winter Games in Pyeongchang. The strongly worded critique comes in a  personal letter, obtained by CBC News, to IOC President Thomas Bach. “There […]

Western's Vanier Cup victory over Laval caps off punishing playoff run

The powerful Western Mustangs have been relentless throughout their undefeated season. Not even the top-ranked defence in the country could come close to slowing them down. Western quarterback Chris Merchant threw for 276 yards and ran for two touchdowns himself as the Mustangs defeated the Laval Rouge et Or 39-17 on Saturday to win the […]

Apple’s new watch has traders punishing one massive retailer (AAPL, UHR)

One major retailer is taking the news of Apple’s new watch on the chin. Swatch, the $ 21 billion Swiss watchmaker, dropped as much as 4.5% on Tuesday, losing almost $ 1 billion in market value in the process. Based on the stock reaction, traditional watch retailers like Swatch will have their work cut out […]

Punishing Difficulty Conveys A Personal Story In The End Is Nigh

Note: This story was originally posted on Gamasutra on August 15, 2017. “There were a lot of subtle elements in my past platformers that I never fully explored because I was worried about alienating the audience. I wanted to make a game that was honestly a bit uncomfortable to play for people who have issues […]

Manage Book Burnings, Sinner Punishing, & More In Cult Simulation The Shrouded Isle

Being a high priest isn’t easy, especially when your irritable god is set to show up in a few years. This means a lot of book burnings, sin cleansings, sacrifices, and rooting out nonbelievers, which can all be a real drag should the irritate your handful of powerful allies. These people are backing you in […]

Harvard may end fraternities, sororities, and final clubs by punishing students who join them

EllenSeptember/flickr (Slate) — An official Harvard University committee has recommended that the administration prohibit all students from joining exclusive, traditionally single-gender social clubs like fraternities, sororities, and so-called “final clubs.” After a damning report found that Harvard final clubs enabled a culture of sexual violence, the school moved last spring to force all final clubs—centuries-old, usually […]

DiRT 4 review: as engaging as DiRT Rally but without the punishing difficulty

Codemasters Last year, UK studio Codemasters blew my nomex racing socks off with DiRT Rally. The achievement was all the more notable because—while I tend to stick almost exclusively to racing games—I haven’t really enjoyed off-road or rally games very much in the past. Now, Paul Coleman and his team at Codemasters have a new […]