The things I learned taking public transport the entire length of Africa

This was the only moment when my decision to travel the length of Africa overland, Cairo to Cape Town, using only public transport, seemed like a dumb idea. Six and a half months, 10,000-plus kilometers, and precisely 317 pieces of public transport—every wired-together taxi, listless ferry and curmudgeonly camel given its own stolen-pen stroke on […]

Largest dog slaughterhouse in South Korea closes to become public park

Officials will clear out South Korea’s largest dog slaughterhouse over the next two days. The canine house of horrors has been shut following pressure from animal rights groups and a decline in the consumption of dog meat. The slaughterhouse, south of the capital Seoul, will be dismantled to make room for a public park. Korean […]

Comment about ‘public hanging’ spells trouble for Mississippi senator

Mississippi Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith, who is facing a runoff Senate election against an African-American Democrat, has found herself in hot water after joking that she would sit in “the front row” at a public hanging. A video tweeted by journalist Lamar White Jr. of the Bayou Brief shows Hyde-Smith standing alongside a supporter at a […]

Can cities ban e-scooters in the name of public safety? Bird says no way

Enlarge / People ride shared electric scooters in Santa Monica, California, on July 13, 2018. (credit: ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images) The transportation startup Bird has sued the city of Beverly Hills over its temporary, six-month e-scooter ban. The suit argues that state law, which explicitly allows for “motorized scooters,” actually preempts any municipal prohibitions. The lawsuit, […]

We’re ignoring Canada’s alcohol problem, chief public health officer warns

Canada’s chief public health officer says she’s worried about the rise in heavy drinking among Canadian women. In recent weeks, Dr. Theresa Tam has tried to sound the alarm on Canada’s substance abuse problem, making it the focus of her 2018 report on the state of public health in Canada.

In new interview, Trump claims ‘I always like to be truthful,’ but his history of public statements before and after he became president prove otherwise

Andrew Harnik/AP President Donald Trump stopped short of admitting to peddling falsehoods when a reporter asked him whether he fulfilled his promise to “never lie.” The question was an apparent reference to a 2016 campaign speech in which Trump ensured supporters he would never lie. When asked if he always tells the truth, Trump said, […]

Google Maps Street View captures man in the middle of this VERY embarrassing public act

Google Maps Street View has captured a man undergoing a mortifying moment in his life – as well as a very sore one.  He has been photographed just as he is hurled off his bike into the middle of a busy road surrounded by traffic. The man can be seen sprawled across the tarmac as he throws […]