eBay: ‘Rare’ public libraries 50p coin selling for hundreds – do YOU have one?

eBay is full of 50p coins of differing designs, and a recent addition is a 2000 Public Libraries design. Seller ‘terryneuk’ has listed the 50 pence piece for a whopping £200, claiming it is “rare”. Writing in the description, the seller said: “Very Rare Collectable Public Libraries 1850-2000 50p”. This particular design was released in […]

Endless Pressure and Public Scandal Leads to Pruitt’s Resignation as EPA Head

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt, who spearheaded the Trump administration’s initiative to roll back Obama-era fuel economy standards for light vehicles, has resigned. Even after assuming the position, Pruitt remained a tough sell as head of the EPA. His stance on climate change was uncharacteristic of any modern-day environmentalist and he seemed utterly bent […]

Pfizer raises prices on 100 drugs—again—despite backlash from public, lawmakers

Enlarge / Pfizer’s little, blue Viagra tablets get big price tag that have people seeing red. (credit: Getty | Bloomberg) Despite public and political pressure, pharmaceutical giant Pfizer keeps raising the prices of its drugs—standing apart from some of its rivals who have vowed to rein in periodic price hiking. Around 100 of Pfizer’s drugs […]

Volvo, FedEx test autonomous truck ‘platooning’ on public U.S. road

Autoblog ist jetzt Teil der Oath-Familie. Nach EU-Datenschutzgesetzen benötigen wir (Oath), unsere Anbieter und Partner Ihre Einwilligung, um auf Ihrem Gerät Cookies zu speichern, um Ihre Such-, Standort- und Browsing-Daten zu verwenden, Ihre Interessen zu verstehen und Anzeigen auf unseren Produkten zu personalisieren und zu messen. Oath stellt Ihnen auch personalisierte Anzeigen auf den Produkten […]

Trans people won’t get legal access to public single-sex spaces, ministers pledge

Trans people will not be legally entitled to access single-sex spaces, the government said. The Equalities Commission said the rights of those identifying as female should not override those of women who are biologically female. Despite warnings from rights campaigners that single-sex facilities, such as toilets and changing rooms, discriminate against the transgender community, the […]

Google Maps Street View: Woman caught making embarrassing clothing adjustment in public

Google Maps street view cameras take footage from all over the world. They have a habit of catching people out in strange or embarrassing scenarios. One unlucky woman was snapped on camera doing something she would probably not want others to see. She was walking along a street in Portland, Oregon in the United States. […]

Melania Trump ‘risks upstaging her husband at last’ after public hiatus body language says

Melania Trump’s choice of jacket caused a stir yesterday. The former-model from Slovenia wore a jacket that said ‘I really don’t care do u?” [sic] to visit child migrants. This was interpreted by many as a badly judged sartorial decision. Professional body language expert Judi James told Express.co.uk how she interprets Melania’s body language after […]

Legalization comes with risks: Doctors reminding public that health effects of cannabis use are real

On the heels of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s announcement Wednesday that adults will be able to legally buy and consume recreational marijuana on Oct. 17, some doctors are reminding Canadians of potential risks from cannabis and countering some of the misperceptions about the drug that still prevail.