Arca's Path PSVR review: A relaxing virtual reality game that anybody can play

Arca’s Path is the brainchild of former Sony London studio director Dave Raynard, whose previous foray into virtual reality involved guns, crime and Cockney gangsters. A tranquil and unique experience that’s quite unlike anything else on PSVR, Arca’s Path is about as far removed from The London Heist as you’ll get. Part of Sony London’s […]

MLB’s virtual reality home run derby comes to PSVR and HTC Vive

Major League Baseball got into VR with a home run derby simulator that fans tried at the All-Star game and select ballparks last season. Earlier this year, the MLB promised it would bring the experience to consumer virtual reality sets in spring. While it didn’t arrive in time for Opening Day, aspiring sluggers can load […]

Moss PlayStation VR review: Is this the best PSVR game yet?

PlayStation VR games are perhaps unsurprisingly an extremely mixed bag. Problems with cameras, movement and controls have plagued many a promising virtual reality game. The best VR games are the ones that keep things simple, focusing on immersion and storytelling, rather than over-the-top action. Moss most certainly falls into this category, providing a storybook experience […]

Wipeout got ported to PSVR by just 5 people

Wipeout finally came to PSVR last week, and the results were pretty outstanding. Simply put, it’s one of if not the best PSVR games out there, offering exhilarating racing across three game’s worth of content. Amazingly, though, the VR support was pulled off by just five people. Co-developer Sony XDev revealed as much during an Ask Me […]

The Morning After: Pandora’s new playlists and a PSVR price cut

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. It’s five o’clock somewhere (hey Jakarta!), so grab a beer and tune in for some eSports with your fellow Overwatch fans. Otherwise, you can selectively delete some Facebook data or find out what teachers think about Apple’s education-focused iPad. “These friends are real, and it’s amazing.”Cheers, chants, and ‘Overwatch’ […]

Sony cuts PSVR prices, releases free Wipeout Omega Collection VR patch

Buoyed by recent upticks in PlayStation VR sales due to temporary price cuts, Sony today announced permanent drops for PSVR bundle prices, coinciding with the release of a long-awaited free VR update to the futuristic racing game Wipeout Omega Collection. Effective March 29, the PlayStation VR with Doom VFR bundle will sell for $ 299.99 in […]

PSVR 2 makes more sense as Sony releases more PSVR games

OPINION: Apex Construct’s release this week once again brought about a recurring topic in its reviews: PlayStation VR’s limited tracking and Move controllers restrict what is an otherwise great experience. The 180-degree tracking makes traversing an entire virtual world much more finicky than it should be and the lack of analog sticks on the controllers […]

MLB’s ‘Home Run Derby VR’ is coming to PSVR and Vive this spring

Major League Baseball has gotten into VR lately with a host of initiatives, including partnerships with Google for At Bat VR, Intel for “Game of the Week” live streams and Samsung for immersive highlights of the 2017 season. Now MLB is bringing a VR Home Run Derby that debuted at the All-Star Game and select […]

PS4 UPDATE: New PSVR deal revealed, Rick and Morty release news, Sony’s PSN Store sale

Sony have a brilliant console exclusive when it comes to the PS4’s PlayStation VR headset. No other console currently offers VR gaming, with its main competitors currently coming from the PC space. Sony have already confirmed that they hope to release a host of new PSVR games this year on both PS4 and PS4 Pro. […]