A year in, Amazon’s HQ2 search proves tech’s West Coast exodus will be slow and secretive

OPINION: One year ago, Amazon announced that it intended to build a second headquarters, dubbed HQ2. But Amazon didn’t have a specific destination in mind to build its headquarters — instead, it invited any metropolitan area in North America with at least 1 million people to pitch Amazon on why they should be chosen. Most […]

Banning Alex Jones proves Twitter can’t be impartial

All efforts to save @RealAlexJones and @InfoWars from themselves have failed, and you can blame Jack Dorsey for that. Whether or not he intervened in applying a seven-day suspension for rulebreaking tweets (the company denies it) he’s successfully undermined the values Twitter claims to hold high. A month ago, when YouTube and Facebook took action […]

Melania Trump: Throwback picture with Donald Trump proves the First Lady doesn’t age

Melania Trump is the stunning third wife of Donald Trump, President of the US. The First Lady is a former model who has certainly retained her good looks over the years. Recent pictures of the First Lady showcase her long, chestnut hair, smooth skin and age-defying toned figure. Now a newly discovered throwback picture of […]

Nissan’s Kicks Ad Proves Automakers Can Still Do Marketing Right

Having released the pint-sized Kicks crossover into the North American market last month, Nissan needed marketing material to help boost visibility. Normally, car ads are platitudinous, offering little in the way of novelty to get us truly excited. The reason for this is because trying something different can result in an overwhelmingly bizarre experience. Kia’s […]

Avengers 4: Thanos TIME TRAVELLED at the end of Infinity War and THIS proves it

Marvel fans are already hyped up and ready to figure out how the universe can possibly recover after the devastating ending of Avengers 3. Many of the theories and rumours already feature time travel. Leaked set images appear to shows scenes being filmed which ae set back during the battle of New York in the […]

Avengers 4 official art proves TIME TRAVEL and reveals opening scene after Infinity War?

It looks like all those clever Marvel fans were right, after all. Two different Marvel concept art reveals (one official, one leaked) have seemingly finally confirmed how time travel will play into Avengers 4.  But how? A big shock came with the release of a series of images by official Marvel artist Pete Thompson, especially […]

Police chief proves an arresting sight

Now women are logging in toogle, with some comparing him to a model. Coral Anderson said: “In my day we never had young, gorgeous, good looking chief constables. Sigh. How times have changed.” Kim Broadfield said: “Is he single?” Catherine Keane added: “My thoughts exactly. I feel a crime spree coming on.” Another said: “Well, […]

Taylor’s radical new acoustic guitar design proves that a centuries-old musical instrument can be high-tech

Taylor Taylor Guitars has been in business since the early 1970s. It has always defined itself by a culture of innovation in a world where acoustic guitars are based on very old designs. It recently pushed the envelope with a new bracing system that’s a big departure from what guitar makes have been doing for […]