Pete Davidson Slams Kanye West for Hijacking SNL Stage With Pro-Trump Rant: 'Being Mentally Ill Is Not an Excuse to Act Like a Jackass'

Kanye West‘s bizarre pro-Trump rant following last week’s Saturday Night Live premiere did not go over well with cast member Pete Davidson. On Saturday’s show, Davidson — appearing at the end of Weekend Update — slammed West for hijacking the SNL stage. “What Kanye said after we went off the air last week was one of the worst, […]

Pro-Trump commentator Scottie Nell Hughes will anchor her own show on Russian state TV

Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images Scottie Nell Hughes, a prominent surrogate for President Donald Trump, will anchor her own show on the American arm of the Russian state TV network RT. Hughes has previously appeared as a regular conservative contributor on CNN and Fox News, the latter of which she is currently suing for blacklisting her following […]

Chelsea Manning drops in to pro-Trump party in New York (PHOTO)

Chelsea Manning has made a shock appearance at an event celebrating the first anniversary of Donald Trump’s inauguration, organized by the alt-right movement’s biggest media personalities. The ‘Night for Freedom’, which was billed as a celebration of “life, culture, music and mindset,” was hosted by conservative commentator Mike Cernovich in New York. Cernovich’s fellow conservatives […]

Chelsea Manning Made An Appearance At A Pro-Trump Gala

Hundreds of pro-Trump Twitter activists, far-right online media figures, and Pepe lapel pin-wearers descended on a Hell’s Kitchen nightclub Saturday night for a gala celebrating the one-year anniversary of President Trump’s inauguration. But despite appearances from far-right media personalities like James O’Keefe, Mike Cernovich, and Gavin McInness, the most controversial attendee of the evening was […]

‘Arrest him’: Pro-Trump protesters storm London Mayor’s speech (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Pro-Trump protesters stormed a speech being made by Sadiq Khan, shouting pro-Brexit slogans and calling for the London Mayor’s arrest. The disruption led to the temporary suspension of the speech. READ MORE: Britain’s hilarious reaction as Trump shuns London… including a lookalike statue  Khan had just begun his address at a conference for the Fabian […]

Ex-sheriff Clarke to join pro-Trump PAC focused on steering Republican lawmakers

Published time: 6 Sep, 2017 03:17 Former Milwaukee sheriff David Clarke is taking a position with the America First Action Network, a conservative-leaning super political action committee targeting GOP lawmakers who don’t vote in line with President Donald Trump’s agenda. On Tuesday, Clarke announced in an email that he would be moving on from past […]

Seattle police use pepper spray as pro-Trump and Antifa protesters face off (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Published time: 14 Aug, 2017 08:04 Edited time: 14 Aug, 2017 08:32 Police used pepper spray and blast balls on rival demonstrations in Seattle on Sunday, just one day after violence broke out in Charlottesville, Virginia, leaving one dead and dozens injured. [embedded content] Sunday’s demonstrations took place less than a mile from each other, […]

How A Pro-Trump Twitter Scheme Fell Apart After A Retweet From The President

President Donald Trump on Saturday appears to have unwittingly retweeted a Twitter user who built a public profile using a network of fake identities and stolen photos to hawk pro-Trump merchandise. While vacationing at his private golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, Trump retweeted and thanked a supporter he referred to as “Nicole,” who appeared […]

One of Trump’s most vocal supporters left CNN to make a pro-Trump news video that’s been compared to state TV

Donald J. Trump Former CNN commentator Kayleigh McEnany hosted a pro-Trump news segment on the president’s Facebook page on Sunday, one day after she left the cable network. “Thank you for joining us as we provide the news of the week from Trump Tower here in New York,” McEnany said at the top of a roughly […]

The far right is floating conspiracy theories about a CNN reporter who profiled a pro-Trump Reddit user

Several far-right personalities online have fueled conspiracy theories about CNN reporter Andrew Kaczynski, who profiled “HanAssholeSolo,” the Reddit user whose WWE meme was tweeted by President Donald Trump. Critics of CNN have shared the stories, which have numerous factual inaccuracies about Kaczynski’s reporting and social-media activity. CNN has pushed back against some of the reports. […]