The 2018 Toyota Camry might be proof most people don’t care about cars

Toyota It doesn’t use exotic, lightweight materials. It doesn’t have a clever electric powertrain. But the Toyota Camry is undoubtedly one of the most important cars we’ll ever review, if only because Toyota sells so damn many of them. The Camry is now in its eighth generation, and Toyota says this one is sportier and […]

Here’s Ajit Pai’s “proof” that killing net neutrality created more broadband

Enlarge / FCC Chairman Ajit Pai speaks to the media after the vote to repeal net neutrality rules on December 14, 2017. (credit: Getty Images | Alex Wong ) Ajit Pai had a dilemma when overseeing the creation of the Federal Communications Commission’s new Broadband Deployment Report. Anyone who is familiar with the FCC chairman’s […]

Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Ann Widdecombe claims this is PROOF she’s not homophobic

Last night saw Courtney Act crowned winner of Celebrity Big Brother after finishing with almost half of the public vote.  The Drag Act, real name Shane Janek, fought tooth and nail with Ann, 70, over her relentless history of voting against LGBTQ rights at every level during her 23 years in parliament.  Courtney, 36, described […]

Google Maps UFO sighting: Is mysterious shape PROOF of alien life?

Google maps showcases the weird and the wonderful from across the globe. Originally started to map the globe, the famed Google maps car has also captured surprising things on its filming trips. And now one group thinks they have found proof of alien life thanks to the site. A satellite image posted on Google Earth […]

Is this Google Maps sighting proof of life after death? Heavenly form found on Street View

A Google Maps Street View image has revealed a shape that some online have claimed is proof of life after death. The image was taken near Niederurnen in Switzerland, by the Walensee lake. One internet user from the US revealed their interesting interpretation of what the shape is. In their post “Something Scary and Real […]

Is this Google Maps sighting proof that aliens are real? Is this a UFO landing?

A Google Maps sighting has caused some to believe that alien activity has been taking place on Earth. The strange circular piece of land could be a UFO hiding place for aliens.  The Ojo de la Tierra is a strange piece of land that has scientists puzzled too. Located in Argentina in the province of […]

Google Maps: Is this bizarre Martian coincidence proof of aliens?

Google Maps and Google Earth have unveiled two striking similarities between a site in Japan and an era of landmass on Mars. The coincidence has even caused some to claim that aliens exist, and have something to do with the two similar shapes. Google Mars allowed users to view the surface of the red planet, […]

How to safety proof your holiday 2018 – and avoid cancelled flights and fake bookings

Booking a holiday in 2018 is at the front of most Britons minds as they start a new year. Yet 2017, despite being the safest aviation year on record, saw a number of issues such as cancelled flights and natural disasters. They can all spell problems if caught up with them by delaying a trip […]

PS5 release date NEWS: Is 'Gimmick' PS4 Pro proof that Sony to launch before next Xbox?

The PS5 release date is likely to come before the next Xbox, according to one analyst. IDC research analyst Lewis Ward told GamingBolt that the PS4 Pro is a “marketing gimmick” while the Xbox One X feels like a much bigger refresh. It’s because of this that Ward believes Microsoft will focus on the Xbox One […]

“It’s Wild West, Motherfuckers!”: Ten Years Later, ‘Death Proof’ Remains Quentin Tarantino’s Most Powerful Revenge Flick

Flavorwire is taking the final week of 2017 off, because God knows we need it. But all week, we’ll be reposting some of our favorite pieces from the year. Read them all here. For better or worse, Quentin Tarantino is our master of the revenge flick. He’s made movies about black slaves turning on their […]