Superhero Bits: Could Carol Danvers Be a Skrull, ‘Venom’ Easter Eggs, New ‘Titans’ Promos &More

Want to see a bunch of character promos for Titans? What’s going on with Multiple Man? How does Deadpool tie into a Utah lawsuit that resulted in a $ 474,455.22 fee? Is there any chance that Carol Danvers is a Skrull in Captain Marvel? Want to know some of the Easter eggs you’ll find in Venom? […]

Netflix is using promos to boost discoverability (NFLX)

This story was delivered to Business Insider Intelligence “Digital Media Briefing” subscribers hours before appearing on Business Insider. To be the first to know, please click here. Netflix is testing full-screen video promos that play in between episodes of a series, TechCrunch reports. The promos are personalized recommendations of Netflix original and licensed content that users might […]

Sinclair Group Defends Recent TV Promos: There's 'No Political Agenda'

The telecommunications company Sinclair Broadcast Group is standing by its decision to run controversial promos across dozens of the local TV stations it owns. Sinclair — the largest owner of television stations in the United States — has recently come under fire for the promos, in which local news anchors read a scripted message touting […]

Burger Clan and the weird history of awkward video game promos

Executives at Burger King are convinced playing video games makes people really, really hungry. Like, debilitatingly hungry. So hungry, in fact, that they can’t take a few minutes to grab a snack, order a pizza or even look away from the screen. Thankfully for starved players in Madrid, Spain, Burger King and Sony have rolled […]

‘Alien: Covenant’ Promos: Messages of Hope From a Doomed Crew

The crew aboard the Covenant are in for one rude awakening. They’re all hopeful for their colony expedition and ready to start new lives, but what they don’t see coming are Xenomorphs, chest bursters, and your friendly neighborhood homicidal droid, David (Michael Fassbender). Daniels (Katherine Waterson) and friends are mostly doomed, but they don’t know […]

Watch: M. Night Shyamalan’s Unmade ‘Tales From the Crypt’ Promos

M. Night Shyamalan is enjoying something of a career resurgence right now. His last two films (The Visit and Split) did well critically and commercially, his TV drama Wayward Pines was well received, and his Unbreakable looks like it might finally get that long-awaited sequel. Next up on his to-do list for this year was supposed to be Tales from the […]