5 things to know about filing your taxes late, because procrastination happens

Shutterstock/Tiko Aramyan If you don’t think you’ll make the April 17 tax deadline, don’t panic. You can file an extension before that date and get an extra six months to do your taxes. Whatever you do, don’t make the common mistake of thinking that getting an extension means you don’t have to pay on time. You can […]

5 Best Apps to Get You to Stay Focus and Beat Procrastination

Technology often takes the blame for keeping us from being productive. We often grow frustrated with notifications and emails for interfering with our lives. If you want to learn how to stop procrastinating, it may be time to stop blaming technology and start using it. Sometimes it feels like you’re fighting an uphill battle against […]

How to escape the endless cycle of procrastination for good

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images Procrastination starts from an avoidance of something from fear, then becomes a pattern that hardens into a habit. We reinforce this procrastination habit through years of practice, and it hurts us in so many ways in our lives — not only with work tasks, but much more. The procrastination habit affects: • […]