Kiev proclaims its own Orthodox church, hails ‘unification’ after holding ‘schismatic’ council

Ukraine has created an Orthodox church of its own, proclaiming “independence from Moscow.” While the majority of its hierarchs represented schismatic “churches,” Kiev authorities have hailed a supposed “unity” they have achieved. The so-called “unity council” took place on Saturday in Kiev, with the country’s president Petro Poroshenko and other top officials in attendance. The […]

Location, Location, Location: Phil Spencer proclaims 'I'm not a house hunter' after THIS

In Bath, Kirstie and Phil helped first-time buyers Laura and Phil and downsizing duo Kerrie and Dave who hoped to move closer to their kids.  Kirstie took on the first-time buyers, while Phil took on Kerrie and Dave – but Phil had his work cut out for him.  Kerrie and Dave had high expectations for […]

Trump proclaims 'Loyalty Day,’ gets mocked over 60yo tradition

Published time: 29 Apr, 2017 20:19 Internet denizens are splitting their sides at the thought of US President Donald Trump proclaiming May 1 “Loyalty Day.” However, the seemingly wacky nationalist day has little to do with the divisive Republican and was officially cooked up in the 1950s. In a statement released by the White House, […]