Balance Risk, Rewards, And Reckless Driving In Procedural Freerider Descenders

Newly-released downhill biking game Descenders sends you hurtling down a mountain at breakneck speeds. This is incredibly reckless, highly dangerous, and more than a little frightening – and you’ll probably love every second of it. The tracks in Descenders are randomly generated and you can always pick between three tracks with different traits. If you […]

9-1-1 Review: An All-Star Cast Can't Resuscitate Fox's Stale Procedural

Ryan Murphy’s TV shows always attract top-notch talent, and his new Fox drama 9-1-1 (debuting Wednesday at 9/8c) is no exception, with Connie Britton, Peter Krause and Angela Bassett all signing on to star. But maybe they should’ve taken a closer look at the script first: 9-1-1 is an uninspiring jumble of recycled TV-procedural clichés, […]

House Republicans and Democrats scrambling to overcome a ‘procedural issue’ holding up Russia sanctions

Thomson Reuters Democrats on the US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee plan to introduce in the House on Wednesday a Russia sanctions bill identical to one that passed the Senate last month but has not come up for a vote in the House. “It’s identical to the Senate-passed bill,” a Democratic committee aide said, […]

There’s a chance the House might have to vote again on the GOP healthcare bill because of a procedural mistake

J. Scott Applewhite/AP The GOP healthcare bill may not be done in the House of Representatives, after all. While the American Health Care Act passed the lower chamber by a razor-thin margin on May 4, a procedural quirk could force another vote on the bill before it is sent to the Senate, according to Bloomberg’s Billy House. Bloomberg […]

Fox Is Allegedly Close to Picking up an Angela Bassett-Starring Procedural from Ryan Murphy

Any American Horror Story actor’s resume will, if they remain on the series, inevitably become stuffed with over-the-top, deliberately unpredictable and nuance-lacking roles. Across Seasons 3-6 of the series, Angela Bassett has, as one of the series’ MVPs (alongside Kathy Bates — racist severed head, bearded lady, murderous hotel clerk ghost — and Sarah Paulson — […]

No Truce With The Furies is a “police procedural RPG” that looks fascinating.

No Truce With The Furies is a “police procedural RPG” that looks fascinating. Dialogue is the focus, and you have an inventory for your thoughts. It takes place in a seaside city, but also there’s disco. The game’s big influences are Planescape Torment and Kentucky Route Zero. It’ll be out later this year. Hat tip […]