Facebook carried ads from mysterious pro-Brexit group for months

While Facebook might be making strides in clamping down on fake news and shady political ads, there appear to have been holes in its strategy. The UK’s Digital, Culture, Media and Sport committee has published data showing that Facebook carried ads for a “hard Brexit” (that is, a UK exit from the European Union with […]

New number plates 2018 – Pro-Brexit licence plates among those BANNED from British roads

New 2018 ’68’ number plates were introduced on September 1st. Every time new plates are introduced there is a list of numerical and letter combinations that are immediately banned. DVLA guidelines dictate that any plates that ‘may cause offence’ will be removed before they end circulation. One of the plates to be banned in the […]

Countryfile: Remainer viewers in UPROAR at BBC including ‘pro-Brexit’ James Dyson segment

The multi-billionaire inventor of the Dyson vacuum cleaner is one of the largest landowners in the UK. Keen to share his plans for a more innovative and technological future, Sir James took Countryfile presenter Tom across his hectares of land in Lincolnshire on the BBC series. But despite admitting that he receives some of the […]

Churchill pro-Brexit? His grandson reveals what WW2 PM would have thought (EXCLUSIVE)

Since the release of Darkest Hour, movie fans and history buffs have been wondering what Churchill would have made of Brexit. Gary Oldman, who plays the World War II prime minister in the new movie, reckons he wanted a United States of Europe and would have blocked Brexit. Meanwhile Brian Cox, who starred in last […]

City financier plans to bankroll army of pro-Brexit Tory MPs

Published time: 15 May, 2017 14:30 A City of London banker plans to fund pro-Brexit Conservatives to fight for seats currently held by pro-Remain Labour MPs in an effort to ensure a “full, national Brexit.” Asset manager Jeremy Hosking says he will help fund Brexit-backing candidates in order to give Prime Minister Theresa May an […]