Elon Musk’s mission to solve LA’s ‘soul-destroying’ traffic problem has begun, but there’s turbulence ahead

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk made a brief public appearance late on Tuesday to unveil the first tunnel completed by the underground transit venture he launched two years ago. Musk has advertised the proof-of-concept tunnel as a first step toward developing a high-speed subterranean network capable of whisking vehicles and pedestrians. The new tunnel was excavated […]

Ukraine is ‘constant problem to European Security’ – Greek alternate foreign minister

Kiev’s belligerent policies pose a “constant” security threat to Europe, Greece’s alternate foreign minister said, adding that the last thing Europe needs is another “hotspot of tension.” “It is true that Ukraine is a constant problem for the European Security System,” George Katrougalos told the Greek Kokkino radio broadcaster when asked to comment on the […]

Hand luggage: New rules mean Australia passengers could face this confusing problem

Hand luggage passengers travelling in Australia on holiday will face new restrictions by airlines. Virgin Australia and Quantas, among other airlines, are clamping down on passengers who break the tight weight restrictions for bags being taken onto the cabin. Both only allow 7kg in weight for luggage that is not checked in, with travellers often […]

Tesla has a problem with racism in its factory—so do many of its rivals

Enlarge / Robotic arms install the front seats to a Model 3 at the Tesla factory in Fremont, California. (credit: Mason Trinca for The Washington Post via Getty Images) At least six black former Tesla employees have told The New York Times that they suffered from racial harassment while working at the company. Three racial […]

Tariffs on Chinese rare-earth minerals create a sticky problem for US competitors

Enlarge / A pick-up truck makes its way out of the Mountain Pass open pit mine in California in 2009. (credit: Photo by Jacob Kepler/Bloomberg via Getty Images) President Trump’s tariffs on rare-earth metals from China should have been a boon to the only US rare-earth minerals mine in California. But a recent Wall Street Journal […]

The Olympics have a problem

Welcome to The Buzzer — the new email newsletter from CBC Sports. Sign up here to get it delivered directly to your inbox every weekday. Here's what you need to know right now from the world of sports: Calgary said no to the Olympics — so what now? The people of Calgary have spoken, and they […]

The number of Marine Corps snipers is declining, and that could be a big problem in the next urban fight

A legendary Marine Corps sniper who earned the Silver Star during the first battle of Fallujah, Iraq, has a warning for the Corps: Snipers are integral to the urban battle and the Marine Corps needs to adequately address its shortage of deadly marksmen. Ethan Place was a corporal in April 2004 when he found himself […]

‘It could happen again’: Problem behind Boeing 737 MAX first crash may extend to other jets – expert

A technical issue that Boeing flagged in a safety warning after the deadly 737 MAX 8 crash in Indonesia could happen to any other aircraft, and it’s “not unlikely” that the manufacturer knew about it, aviation experts told RT. Earlier this week, Boeing issued a safety update to pilots flying its newest 737 MAX airliner, […]

Make 12 Books in 12 Hours? No Problem

It’s mid-afternoon and an intense, focused silence has fallen on the room containing three dozen Cape Town creatives and a jumble of empty coffee cups and half-eaten sausage rolls. A woman deftly watercolors an intricate sketch of an angry penguin while a man uses a digital stylus to add unusually long horns (even by oryx […]