Illinois prisons to retrain staff after transgender inmate who feels like ‘sex slave’ sues (DEBATE)

After multiple lawsuits from a prisoner who claimed she felt like a ‘sex slave’ in male prisons, the Illinois Department of Corrections is mandating staff training in “transgender issues.” Is it a special privilege or necessity? There are only 28 transgender prisoners in the Illinois correctional system, but one of them – a trans-woman named […]

German prisons may face ‘wave of extremists’, state justice minister warns

Detention facilities in Germany are trying to cope with a growing number of radical Islamist extremists. Some 150 are currently being held in prisons across the country, and officials fear a “wave of extremists” in jails. Around 150 Islamists are currently being held in prisons across Germany, Die Welt reported on Wednesday, citing the Federal Criminal […]

Lawsuits, lies, and Colombian prisons: The downfall of two wildly successful tech entrepreneurs

Getty Images Prominent tech entrepreneurs Omar Amanat and Kaleil Isaza Tuzman were found guilty on numerous accounts of fraudulent charges in their dealings with former video management company KIT digital.  Both Amanat and Tuzman have led successful but controversial entrepreneurial careers — and their guilty verdict marks a striking fall from prominence.    For the past […]

Squalid conditions in UK prisons ‘a humanitarian crisis,’ whistleblower tells RT (PHOTOS)

Severe overcrowding, squalid conditions and lax security in England’s jails constitute a “national crisis,” a prison whistleblower has told RT, as photographs released from inside reveal vermin-infested cells, blood-stained walls and toilets being used as dining chairs. Faith Spear was sacked from her role as chairman of the Independent Monitoring Board (IMB) at Hollesley Bay […]

Nazi bases, mafia hideouts & prisons: Europe’s weirdest makeshift refugee shelters

Two years after the European refugee crisis began, the continent is still struggling to accommodate asylum-seekers, and many countries have resorted to housing new arrivals in offbeat and unlikely shelters. Germany  Germany, the most sought-after destination for refugees and migrants seeking a better life in Europe, was among many nations forced to think outside the […]

All Florida prisons on indefinite lockdown after ‘credible intelligence’ of planned uprisings

More than 97,000 prisoners across the state of Florida will reportedly not be able to leave their dorms or have certain privileges, as a lockdown was ordered the day after officials canceled visitations to all facilities. On Wednesday, the Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) announced visitation to all facilities across the state would be canceled […]

The Netherlands is turning empty prisons into luxury hotels

Het Arresthuis/Facebook The INSIDER Summary The Netherlands has begun turning empty prisons into luxury hotels. The country has seen a dramatic drop in incarceration rates over the past 10 years. The Het Arresthuis is a newly transformed hotel located just outside of Amsterdam. From the minimalist bedrooms to the bold lobby, the former prison is truly unrecognizable. While many American prisons […]

Can This Southern Spitfire Fix America's Prisons?

The grand legislative chambers in Baton Rouge are filled with frumpish politicians, old-school ties and musty cologne. Then there’s Julie Emerson, the youngest politician in the crowd and the life of the party. As we stroll through the ornate halls of the Louisiana State Capitol Building, the 29-year-old high-fives her colleagues, snickers through committee hearings […]

Beleaguered head of NYC prisons retires early amid scandals

The head of New York City’s embattled jails has resigned following a series of scandals. While Mayor Bill de Blasio praised Joseph Ponte for instituting “sweeping reforms,” critics say he did little to stem violence and corruption at the Rikers Island complex. Ponte, the Department of Corrections (DOC) commissioner, announced his retirement on Friday. He […]