Lyme disease symptoms: Five signs you’ve been bitten – but is it vaccine preventable?

Lyme disease symptoms are important to spot – the earlier it’s diagnosed, the easier it is to treat. The disease is spread by infected ticks. A simple bite can lead to facial nerve paralysis, arthritis and meningitis if it’s left untreated. So what are the first signs to look out for, how can it be […]

Obesity set to become leading cause of preventable cancer

Cancer Research UK said Britain needs to “act quickly” to combat the rising number of overweight people – and with smoking rates falling, obesity could be the largest cause of preventable cancers in just 15 to 20 years. Scientists called for communications regulator Ofcom to ban junk food adverts before the 9pm watershed and urged […]

Yemen crisis: ‘Unacceptable that people die from totally preventable reasons’

The world needs to respond to the urgent humanitarian situation in Yemen, otherwise millions won‘t be able to provide the basic necessities of a decent life for their families, said Ralph El Hage, ICRC regional spokesperson. At least 25 people were reportedly killed by a Saudi coalition airstrike at a busy market in the southwestern […]

Asthma UK claims THIS is to blame for nearly 1000 preventable UK deaths

Asthma deaths totalled 1,410 in the UK in 2016, latest statistics today revealed. That included 1,1237 patient deaths in England and Wales, and 133 deaths in Scotland. Northern Ireland reported 40 deaths from asthma. But two-thirds of all deaths from asthma attacks could have been prevented if they received better basic care, Asthma UK claimed. […]