Saxo Bank's crazy predictions: Apple buying Tesla, Netflix stock crashing & solar flair causes chaos

Danish Saxo Bank traditionally publishes its annual list of “outrageous predictions” that may really shake up the world if the listed events ever happen. However, this year’s forecast doesn’t seem so fantastic. Most of the events, included in the annual report published by the Copenhagen-based financial institution, are featuring so-called black swans – events that […]

Superhero Bits: Early ‘Avengers Endgame’ Box Office Predictions, Designing ‘Venom’ & More

What’s up with the Japanese Spider-Man? Could Batman end up in the Arrowverse? What are the early box office predictions for Avengers: Endgame saying? What’s the latest comic book related item to make Kevin Smith cry? Could Captain Marvel lift Thor‘s hammer? Would you like to see Ben Schwartz as Plastic Man? All that and […]

Bold predictions: Don't bet on Leafs, and double down on Knights

If you thought the way last season evolved and wrapped up was full of excitement, you're in for another dramatic ride. Just take a look at Wednesday's opening night: Erik Karlsson debuts with the San Jose Sharks and John Tavares with the Toronto Maple Leafs. We'll also see how the summer of partying and the loss of head coach Barry Trotz has affected […]

PS Plus September 2018: PlayStation Plus predictions, free PS4 games, reveal date, leaks

The PS Plus September 2018 line-up will be revealed soon with PlayStation Plus members getting new free PS4 games to download. Sony tend to announce their latest PS Plus line-up on the last Wednesday of each month. And the following Tuesday the new selection of free PS4 games for PlayStation Plus subscribers becomes available. So, […]

100% accuracy: Russian oracle cat on target with World Cup predictions

A deaf cat named Achilles who lives in the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg has accurately predicted the results of each of the four World Cup matches he has been asked to foretell. Read more Achilles predicted that Russia would win the World Cup opener against Saudi Arabia, which ended in favour of the hosts […]

CryptoCup brings soccer predictions to the World Cup

From CryptoKitties to game portals and gaming rewards to in-game items, distributed ledger technologies are making their way through the gaming industry. CryptoCup — a World Cup prediction game built on blockchain technology — has officially launched its betting platform, just in time for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Moscow this summer. A…Read More

The Voice Season 14: Top 12 Predictions Ahead of the Live Playoffs

Since NBC is going all in on The Voice‘s Season 14 Playoffs — for the first time ever, airing three consecutive nights of live performances with real-time voting (Monday-Wednesday at 8/7c) — so is TVLine… by presenting its recapper’s picks for the contestants who will still be in the competition when the 24 survivors of […]

Avengers Infinity War ticket predictions are LOWER than expected: Should fans worry?

It is supposed to be the biggest MCU movie of all time. Ten years and 18 films have lead to this moment, but suddenly it is not certain whether it will also biggest the biggest blockbuster of all time, or even the biggest Marvel movie. The predictions for tickest sales in the crucial US opening […]