The Big Bang Theory season 12 spoilers: ‘I’m mad’ Fans ANGERED by ‘predictable’ ending

Warning: Contains spoilers for The Big Bang Theory season 12, episodes 23 and 24. Fans of The Big Bang Theory were annoyed as the CBS show confirmed Penny (played by Kaley Cuoco) and Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki) are expecting their first child.  She broke the news in the first episode of the hour-long special and […]

Modern Life Is Rubbish film review: A predictable twist and overuse of syrupy montages

Liam (Josh Whitehouse) and Nat (Freya Mavor) have broken up. He is an obnoxious wannabe rock star while she is a graphic designer who dreams of designing album covers. As they divide their CD collection, Gill hits rewind to show us key moments in their 10-year relationship. The excellent soundtrack features Radiohead, Lou Reed and […]

The DeanBeat: 10 wildly inaccurate and predictable predictions for gaming in 2018

The ritual has arrived again. It’s time for me to make wildly inaccurate predictions about the future of games. This is always embarrassing for me, but I’m hoping that one of these years it will sharpen my thinking. I’ve written more than 15,000 stories for VentureBeat over nearly 10 years, mostly based on what other […]

2018 Subaru Impreza in Depth: A Trusty and Predictable Workhorse

– Standard all-wheel drive, fantastic safety ratings, and a comprehensive suite of infotainment features make the Subaru Impreza a compelling choice in the compact-car marketplace. A handsome but subdued exterior style and a durable, businesslike cabin give the Impreza broad appeal, and its predictable and athletic chassis provides driving enjoyment for those who care. If […]

Putin calls for predictable, mutually-beneficial cooperation with US

Published time: 3 Oct, 2017 11:01 Edited time: 3 Oct, 2017 11:23 Moscow wants “predictable, constructive, mutually beneficial cooperation” with Washington, Russian President Vladimir Putin said as he received diplomatic credentials from new ambassadors to Moscow, including US envoy Jon Huntsman. Current Russia-US bilateral relations cannot “cause satisfaction,” Putin said during an official ceremony at […]

Tesla is having some predictable union problems (TSLA)

Reuters/Kevin Lamarque Tesla might be the second-largest US carmaker by market capitalization, having surpassed Ford and threatened General Motors with its recent surge to a $ 50-billion valuation, but it’s the most naive when it comes to understanding how labor operates in the auto industry. The company’s difficulties aren’t even limited to a single continent. […]

The Predictable Effects of Unpredictable Financial Emergencies

Last year, Neal Gabler wrote in The Atlantic about Americans’ financial instability, noting that nearly half of them would have a hard time coming up with $ 400 to cover a sudden expense. That’s bad news, not least because many unexpected events—from an illness to car or home repairs—can lead to bills that amount to […]

‘From predictable position of force?’ NATO’s chief tells Russia’s FM there’s ‘room for dialogue’

The NATO chief says the alliance is ready to reestablish political dialogue with Moscow from a “predictable position,” which the Russian FM, during their meeting in Germany, quickly deciphered as a “position of force” for those unfamiliar with diplomatic parlance. “I’m glad that NATO is still interested in talking to us… and look forward to […]