‘Precision strike?' US coalition targets ISIS butcher, as Syria says the missiles hit army positions

The US-led coalition says it targeted a top Islamic State terrorist commander, who was involved in the beheading of a US officer and posed an “imminent threat.” Local media, however, claim the airstrike hit Syrian army positions. “Coalition forces conducted precision strikes against a senior ISIS (Islamic State, IS) member, Abu al Umarayn, and several […]

Trump orders ‘precision strikes’ on Syria in response to chemical weapons attack that killed dozens

CNN President Donald Trump ordered “precision strikes” on Syria Friday night, in response to a suspected chemical weapons attack there. The development follows a suspected chemical attack that is widely believed to be the work of the Syrian government, which killed dozens of people. Syria has denied any involvement in the chemical attack.  President Donald […]

Audi’s RS4 Avant Driven: A Precision Tool Worthy of Love

– Some of Europe’s most enticing cars don’t ever make it to the United States, and the Audi RS4 Avant is likely to remain one of them. Due to Americans’ aversion toward station wagons, Audi has decided not to send it here, although we get parts of it divided between the mechanically similar RS5 coupe […]

Swing With Speed And Precision In Challenging Platformer Silver Grapple

While at its core, Silver Grapple is reminsicent of your fast, skill-testing precision platformer, its titular element gives an acrobatic flair among other entries in the genre. Jamie Rollo’s new platformer combines metroidvania elements with swing-focused platforming where maintaining momentum, arc angle, and timing of release are the skills you to master. Silver Grapple unleashes […]

Saudi Arabia to buy $7bn-worth of US precision weapons from Raytheon & Boeing – report

Published time: 23 Nov, 2017 15:02 As part of the mammoth $ 110-billion deal brokered by Donald Trump, Saudi Arabia is purchasing precision arms worth $ 7 billion from US manufacturers Raytheon and Boeing, a media report says. This is in spite of concerns over the toll on Yemen’s civilians. Raytheon and Boeing are the […]

A simple, 15-second play by the Patriots shows their machine-like precision

CBS/NFL Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots are big believers in preparation and efficiency on the football field. On Sunday against the New Orleans Saints, they showed their machine-like precision and preparation by scrambling to get a last-second field goal to end the first half. After Tom Brady scrambled on third-and-9 with 21 seconds […]

Power, precision & persistence: Stunning images from International Army Games 2017

Published time: 13 Aug, 2017 08:51 The third edition of the rapidly-growing military competition involving 28 countries has wrapped up after two weeks of contests across five different countries, with Russia declared the overall winner, ahead of China. The idea of an international Olympics for personnel – from snipers to medics to field cooks – […]

The beefy Dell Precision 7520 DE can out-muscle a growing Linux laptop field

Enlarge / Kind of a looker, no? (credit: Scott Gilbertson) Project Sputnik has done an admirable job over the years of bringing a “just works” Linux experience to Dell Ultrabooks like the XPS 13 Developer Edition—in fact, we’ve tested and largely enjoyed those experiences multiple times now. But while the XPS 13 is a great machine […]