‘We’re losing this battle’: CDC warns of growing infestation of potentially deadly tick across US

An Asian tick species capable of transmitting deadly diseases to humans is exploding in population and has already spread to eight states in just a year after its first appearance in the US, warns the Centers for Disease Control. The Asian longhorned tick was only seen in laboratories and in quarantine in the US until […]

Potentially disastrous Rowhammer bitflips can bypass ECC protections

Enlarge / A DDR3 DIMM with error-correcting code from Samsung. ECC is no longer an absolute defense against Rowhammer attacks. (credit: Samsung) In early 2015, researchers unveiled Rowhammer, a cutting-edge hack that exploits unfixable physical weaknesses in the silicon of certain types of memory chips to transform data they stored. In the 42 months that […]

Trump’s sanctions are crushing Iran’s job market and potentially destabilizing the regime

Susan Walsh/AP Reuters interviews with dozens of business owners across Iran show hundreds of companies have suspended production and thousands of workers are being laid off because of a hostile business climate mainly caused by new U.S. sanctions. The Iranian rial has fallen to record lows and economic activity has slowed dramatically since U.S. President […]

Italy is investigating Ryanair for potentially distorting the airline market with its controversial carry-on baggage fee

Thomson Reuters From November, Ryanair customers with non-priority seats will only be able to take one “small personal bag” on board and pay an extra €8 ($ 9.4) for to bring another carry-on bag. Italy’s competition watchdog, Antitrust, is investigating the budget airline over this controversial charge. Antitrust argued that carry-on baggage is an “essential […]

‘Potentially thousands’ of child slaves forced to work on illegal London cannabis farms

Children are being trafficked from Vietnam and other countries to perform slave labour on hundreds of cannabis farms across London, experts have warned. New figures released on Monday expose the scale of illegal cannabis farming in the British capital, where police said they had found 314 farms since 2016 — the equivalent of one every […]

Browns defensive back potentially on the hook for millions after making gutsy bet against the Cavaliers on Twitter

Dylan Buell/Getty Images Browns defensive back Damarious Randall wagered on Twitter that he would buy a jersey for every fan who retweeted his post should the Cleveland Cavaliers upset the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals. The post quickly went viral, and now Randall looks to be on the hook for over $ 70 […]

Stroke symptoms: Four ways to prevent the potentially fatal condition

Stroke symptoms usually begin suddenly as a result of oxygen deprivation to brain tissue. The signs can be remembered with the word F.A.S.T. The ‘F’ stands for face – the face may have dropped on one side, the person may not be able to smile, or their mouth or eye may have dropped. The ‘A’ […]