‘What is this?’ Woman finds ‘Stranger Things’ alien worm in front porch (VIDEO)

A UK woman has sent the internet wild with footage of what appears to be an alien-like worm rat invading her home. Filmed in Portsmouth, the bizarre creature has been compared to a monster from hit sci-fi show ‘Stranger Things’. In the Netflix drama, residents of a fictional US town are spooked by a number […]

P.J. O’Rourke Revisits the Back Porch with an Engine, the Pickup Truck

– From the December 2017 issue – Thirty-five years ago, occasional C/D contributor P.J. O’Rourke penned an essay titled “High-Speed Performance Characteristics of Pickup Trucks.” O’Rourke, inspired by an early-’80s surge in pickup-truck popularity, closely examined the phenomenon and wrote: “A pickup truck is basically a back porch with an engine attached. Both a pickup […]

Boy's life-saving medicine worth $5,000 swiped off porch

Published time: 23 Dec, 2017 02:24 A little boy was robbed of life-saving medicine after a parcel was snatched from his family’s porch. The perpetrator is still on the loose with the supply worth $ 5,000. The expensive medicine was taken this past week from 4-year-old Austin Taylor’s family home in Riverdale, Utah. Taylor needs […]

Google Maps: Naked woman captured on her porch on Street View

Google Maps Street View is often catching people unawares, sometimes in compromising situations. That is what happened to this poor woman, who was snapped totally naked on her porch. The woman is casually standing outside her home, without any clothes on at all. She’s standing in front of a barbecue holding a large bottle on […]