Bikinis could soon be BANNED in this popular tourist destination

Bali is cracking down on disrespectful behaviour with proposals to ban bikinis around its sacred sites. The popular holiday destination has had enough of skimpily clad western tourists posing for photos and climbing over holy monuments. Locals believe that the quality of tourists has declined as more visitors come to the island. Authorities are now […]

Baby names: Most popular baby names REVEALED – with distinctly royal theme for boys

Baby names are an important decision, with a name helping shape a child’s identity. New research has now revealed the most popular names in the UK for girls and boys, showing a theme with British parents. The list was released this morning by the Office of National Statistics looked at the most popular names for […]

10 Popular Myths About Right Brain Left Brain Debunked

Want to learn how to master your brain and navigate effortlessly away from the common mix-ups most people have? Then you’re in the right place. I’m going to expose the 10 biggest myths about the brain, including ones you hear about being a “right brain or left brain” person. And for each one, you’ll learn […]

American vs Delta vs United — we compared the 3 most popular airline credit cards and named a winner

The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you’ll like. Business Insider and The Points Guy Affiliate Network receive a commission from card issuers if you apply through these links and are approved. If you fly even just a couple of times a year, it’s worth having an airline credit card. Perks and benefits that come […]

Fortnite Power Chord coming back: Epic Games updates item shop with popular skin

UPDATE: The Fortnite Power Chord skin is back in the item shop today. The news was confirmed by Epic Games earlier tonight, having posted a tease earlier on Twitter. “Did someone say encore? The Power Chord Outfit and Volume 11 Gear is available now,” a post from Epic Games reads. So not only is there […]

Shanghai’s popular ‘cheese tea’ is popping up in more US teahouses — and it’s a refreshing balance of savory and sweet

Cheese tea, which originated in China, is a drink with a thick, creamy layer of cheese served atop bubble tea. Its popularity spread throughout the rest of Asia. More teahouses in the US, like Brew’s Lee in San Antonio and Tapio in Charleston, began selling cheese tea in the past year.  Different kinds of cheese […]

QOTD: What Popular Vehicles Do You Loathe?

In last week’s QOTD, we made a big list of cars that were considered the oddball choice among their market segment, but which you loved anyway. This week we head in the opposite direction. We’re talking about the popular vehicles you loathe. This time around, there’s a rule against vehicles in the oddball or outcast […]

16 Bogus Myths About People Skills that Popular People Already Know

Being likable, saying yes to everything, always being in a good mood… Our society is governed by rules about what’s acceptable and advisable.How do you live up to these expectations while being a loving parent, a loyal employee and a socially active friend?Differentiate the really important people skills from false standards.All around us we see […]

This popular bra startup known for creating half-cup sizes garnered a 1.3 million-person waitlist for their extended sizing launch — and they just came out with 24 new sizes

The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase. ThirdLove ThirdLove first gained an enthusiastic following for inventing half-cup sizes to help women find their exact right fit. The company has added 24 new sizes, now offering 70 […]

Mexico travel warning: British tourists in Cancun struck by deadly bug at popular resorts

Mexico remains a popular spot for British travellers looking for beautiful beaches and good weather. Cancun and the Riviera Maya are just two of the locations that offer flights between Mexico and the UK. A number of tourists have been struck by a crippling bug that has resulted in sickness and diarrhoea, prompting warnings from […]